Wednesday, 25 September 2013

So glad you can choose your friends...

...and I have some very dear friends that I have known for a long time.  Like my dear friend Louise whom I met through my sister Helen when we were at High School.  I like to call her Lou-lou-belle!!  She was down in the Tron today to do her daughterly duty of visiting her mother, a task I am not very good at performing myself but that is a whole other story.  Once her duty call was done she headed to mine!!  We were thinking of doing the op shops but ended up just chilling out and chatting. It was perfectly lovely as always!!

Darling Louise knitted these gorgeous socks for my 50th birthday.  She made me a Frida Doll which I bragged about in a previous post, and I am blessed to have other gorgeous hand made gifts from her.  Her blog can be found here where you can view for yourself some of the beautiful things this talented lady creates.

Today she arrived armed with a bucket full of Auckland greens for the girls and another selection of goodies for me.

I feel loved and horribly spoilt!!

Gorgeous crocheted pot mitts, a delightful crocheted basket and another jar of Honey.  Needless to say I sent her home with Eggs, Walnuts, Onions and Red Pepper Jelly, and some plants from my garden.  This is what good friends are all about, enjoying each others company and sharing what we can, be that advise, a caring shoulder, a good laugh or produce/crafts.  I am truly grateful for the variety of lovely friends that I have, be they the life long ones, the recent ones and even my blogging buddies.  After all good friends are what makes the world go round and you all thought it was something to do with "Space and Axsis's etc"!!

These three plants I grabbed from Habitat yesterday while out and about in the wet and wild weather.  All $3 each and lovingly grown by some sweet elderly people that pot them up and donate to Habitat for Humanity to sell.  I love Bluebells, and the tall one is called something like Ixias or Spixias??  The Mint will be planted in a huge pot to contain it from taking over the garden and it is for TOF as he loves a bit of mint with his new potatoes, he is Irish after all!!  I need to get a Basil plant for my garden, last year I grew it in a pot on the deck.  Smells devine!!

Today this pattern arrived in the post that I bought off trade me.  I cannot wait to have a crack at making the Chicken bag!!  I have a few more treasures due to arrive this week from another wee spend on Trade Me, quite exciting.  I like getting mail, especially stuff that doesn't have a window on it!!

Half way through the working week today.  So glad I have Wednesdays off.  I am not designed to be a full time worker, I know my limits!!  And I love my garden and mooching about far too much, I call it my life balance!

Some wise words to follow:


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That's my fav quote :D Cool pressies, she's a clever gal, I must remember to check out her blog more often :D

Vix said...

Couldn't agree with that quote more! Love those socks and those plants look lovely, bet they are loads better than the specimens from a garden centre. x

Serenata said...

Your Frida doll is wonderful! Did you see the film? What an amazing woman she was.

I have often thought I would like a Frida doll in my day perhaps I will try to make one, although she wouldn't be a a patch on your great gal!

The socks are superb and just wonderful.

Helga! said...

Words of frigging WISDOM! Too true!
You are my Trade Me Queen, darling, and that chicken bag is awesome! Hurry up and make it!
The socks look so snuggly, and you are blessed to have such a great friend. Friends are family, in my opinion!