Monday, 16 September 2013

I was almost glad it was Monday...

..what a weekend!  No such thing as a quiet one around here, and I thought as my lads grew up  got older, things would quieten down.  How wrong was I!  Started on Friday night when I ignored my mobile knowing it would be Jak wanting a ride home, but then the land line rang.  I answered it with "I am in bed", only to find it was  one of Max's mates saying Jak is trashed, trollied, totaled, call it what you want, he was straight up pissed!!  Apparently he was trying to match the older guys drink for drink and they were doing Tequila.  Needless to say he had a bucket in between his legs for the drive home, and I gave him a bumpy old ride!!

Saturday morning TOF and I went off to our lads old High school to watch the final of the Secondary schools rugby championship.  Hamilton Boys High was playing St Kentigans from Auckland who hadn't lost a game for a few years, they had a run of 52 wins under their belt.  Jak has mates in the team that we know, number 10 and 7 to be exact and a few on the reserve and injured bench.  Unbelievable crowd support and a very well matched game. 

As luck would have it our boys won and only just, but a win is a win!!  Talk about a crowd pleaser and it was so good to see a good old fashioned pitch invasion at the end.  I loved the banner on the right, a spin on an advert for not drinking on the tv at the moment, as in, No more beerzies for you mate!

Sunday morning I was up at 4am picking up a pissed older son and dropping him back home at his flat.  He was going to walk home to his from town, but I'm not keen on anyone walking alone at the time, so off I went in my jammies!!
I got another 4 hours sleep before embracing the beautiful day that Sunday was.  I planted up 3 trays of seeds, Corn, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and marigolds, all destined for TOFs vege plot.  I have a small green house that I have put on the deck behind the BBQ, so it is a good height and position for catching the sun and for me to tend my crop.  Spent most of the day faffing about in the garden and filling my clothes line with washing as we had a good breeze.

In the afternoon I went over to Max's flat to drop some things off and one of his mates arrived with his gorgeous dog called Brown.  The biggest softy ever.  These types of dogs can and usually are quite intimidating but it just goes to show that it is how you treat the animal as to how it will turn out.  This big boy just loves to have his belly scratched, I so could have brought him home.

Meanwhile back at home all the pets were making the most of the sunshine and the back yard.

Our fruit trees are all in blossom, my Tulips will be flowering soon, and the Daphne is having a last burst.

The girls had a fabulous time in the garden, even sharing the water dish with a cheeky sparrow.

 The colour show continues.

 Bloomin' gorgeous!!

 The sparrows are all getting ready to nest, little fatties that they are.

 Scarecrow and daisies, lavender and pansies, absolute bliss in the garden.

And to finish the weekend off I spent several hours up at A & E with one of Max's flat mates.  Needless to say alcohol was involved, but all that was required was a pressure bandage on a badly sprained ankle.


Misfits Vintage said...

That was a crazy fabulous busy weekend!!!

LOVE that gorgeous big Brown - I'm a sucker for a lovely big dog. Your girls are looking bloody gorgeous and your garden is EXQUISITE! And you are the best Mum in the world - taking someone else's rotten kid to the A&E!!!

Happy weekend Suezapalooza - and thanks for your lovely comment :)

Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy weekend, I say ON A MONDAY! Shows you where my head is right now! HA!!!


Serenata said...

Sounds like you've had a right busy time. Boys! How old are your lads?

Loving the garden, birds, flowers, chooks and pets.

What is the dog? He looks a bit like he has some mastiff or rottie in him but I can't quite tell or decide...

After a nice blue sky and sunny start to the day it is now cold windy and wet!