Friday, 13 September 2013

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain.....

...I didn't see old Incey Wincey Spider, but pretty sure he is outside somewhere!!

My task for the morning was to move the mulch I got to the chickens area.  I think I filled my wheel barrow about 9-10 times, but the girls are more than happy with their new edible floor.  They have a huge area right at the back of our section, all fenced, full of trees, and we incorporated the boys old play hut/sand pit as part of their accommodation. No wonder they are a bunch of happy layers!!  Plus they get to faff about on the lawn most afternoons.
On my way to return the trailer I stopped off at the house where I got the mulch and left a jar of my home made plum jam as a thank you.  Then at my friends place I left an assortment of produce as a thanks for the use of their trailer, which I might add was all hosed down and sparkling clean and now far to clean to be used as a trailer! 

Texy boy was very happy today, relaxing out the front of our place in the sunshine.  I love how far forward his whiskers were, as he enjoyed a scratch on the head and was purring hard out!!

Late last night I went Nordic Blonde!!

I am a natural blonde and haven't been this shade since I was a teenager, so time to get a little help from those Nordic folk!!  Thanks Schwarzkopf!!

Have a jolly awesome weekend all, I have seeds to put into seed raising mix, what are you going to be up to?


Serenata said...

Great chicken area, do you leave them out at night? Not having foxes makes less risk but there are stoats of you get bothered by them? I had stoats take a rabbit once - through a wire run, it was of course we have the foxes...

Love your hair it looks good.

Posted a picture of my bag. ;-)

Vix said...

You look like you should be in Abba - great hair, really suits you! xxx