Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Leopard print and Tutu with a side serving of sunshine

Another fabulous Spring day, and pleased to say my cold is all but GONE!! I have been hitting the hot lemon and honey drinks before bed every night.  Dragged myself of to work and survived a few hours doing what needed to be done, and then rushed home to enjoy the gorgeous weather in the back garden with my girls.

I wore a beige (not a colour I usually wear) Tutu skirt under a brown tunic with Leopard print legs and cardy.  Black ballet pump shoes and my favourite Mala.  I put a rug on the lawn and let the girls out for a scratch in the sunshine.  Total bliss!

I love the variety of eggs my girls give me.

Oscar spread out on the deck and checked up on the progress of the Tulips.

My Camellias are blooming, likewise with the Hebe and Lily of the Valley.  The red Ranunculas are bursting out to join in with my purple ones.  I do love the flowers in my garden, and there is so much more to come.  I also have a lot of seeds to sow that I saved from my plants last year, best I hop to and do that job soon.


Vix said...

Glad you're feeling better, you're certainly looking glorious! Those eggs are a work of art! x

Helga! said...

I am strangely fond of beige! It's a pretty, pretty tutu, and it compliments the girls nicely!!!
Frigging YAY to feeling better, Spring colds suck!
Ugh, we're having a nasty cold wet day down here. THAT sucks!