Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Some of my friends are pretty dam clever

Today I went out to my good friend Dawns place to take photos and help her with some under glazing on some of her pottery.  When I arrived her man asked if I would take  photos of some of his creations.  He makes the most amazing Braziers and had just finished an order.

I would love one of these beauties in my back garden, maybe one day when I gather enough money to buy one!

This fabulous Totem pole Dawn made for an Exhibition this weekend but a lady saw it before it got delivered to the venue, fell in love with it and has bought it!!  She still may go in the exhibition but with a dirty big sold sticker across her!!  This is about a metre tall and unbelievably fantastic.

Tree necklaces, Fish Totems, Fairy Doors, and a Bird Bath, just a few of the colourful new additions to the collection to be sold.

Totem bits and an inquisitive Taz the cat.

Hanging Fish and Wind Chimes.

Oh and I even had time to pop in to one Op Shop on my way home.  

London tin tray $1,  retro playing cards from Fiji $2, Small poodle plate $1, Irish Cauldron $1.50.

The plate I am going to give to my sister that lives at the beach as she owns a poodle and as kids we had these plates but with cats on.

I scored a top that needs a minor repair for $1 but it is in the wash!

This morning for my breakfast I had  two small eggs poached on Vogels and trust me size doesn't count with eggs, they were scrumdiddle!!! I framed Frida!  And the dogs had a Tug O War with the Duck!!

Our weather has fallen apart and it is raining and cold,  I am not pleased!  I was totally enjoying the sunshine and hanging outside in my garden in the afternoons with all my pets and plants.  Guess I will just have to make do with potting up my seeds on the deck tomorrow.  Time to get ready to fill the gardens with new things is fast approaching.

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Vix said...

They are a talented pair, I'd love all of Dawn's creations in my garden and a gorgeous brazier for the winter, too! xxx