Sunday, 22 September 2013

Working out my green fingers.

I try to grow most of my plants from seeds saved or exchanged, seedlings from mine and friends gardens, and cuttings, but when there is a good deal to be had I am in.  On Friday I managed to get some plants to start my salad garden, punnets of six for $2.50 each, and the plan was to get them into the soil over the weekend.  I started on Saturday in between the showers of rain and finished this morning.  Now all they need is some Sunshine, so if you are listening Sunshine, you are welcome in my garden NOW!!

I have planted Coriander, Parsley, Lettuces and Spring Onions in between the Fennel and the Chives and covered them with a chicken netting cloche.  The box garden now has Capsicums under old bottles with Spring Onions for company, and Sweet Peas hopefully will be popping up behind them all.  Last plot to be planted has a row of Celery, with a row of Silver-beet in front of it and then Beetroot in front, this now is protected from the girls with a chicken netting cloche, so they can still have there much loved wander and scratch around in the back yard.  The Tomatoes, Corn and Sugar Snap Peas that I am growing from seeds will end up in TOFs  garden along with his usual crop of spuds and other greenery!!

Red Tulip

Yellow Tulip

With my Tulips starting to bloom it reminds me that I should head to the Hamilton Gardens as they always have an amazing display of Tulips this time of the year which also means the Dutch Festival should be on, hopefully I haven't missed it.

At least the flowers are enjoying the rain, and we have had plenty of it over night, with a side serving of Thunder!!

Well it is Sunday and there are no plans around here, it has been a lovely quiet weekend and TOF is busy baking up a storm in the kitchen.  When he has finished I need to bake Oscar some dog biscuits and that is it.  

Hope your weekend has been an enjoyable one.

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Helga! said...

Darling, you are SO inspirational, and jaysus, do you have a neon green thumb or what?! My Father had an amazing green thumb, I used to love hanging out with him in the garden. What that man could tickle up!!!
It's been pissing down here too, but we didn't mind a bit! I'm wishing for some sunshine for you, though! XXX