Thursday, 3 October 2013

Time to go bare feet and short sleeved

Another gorgeous day!!
Sunshine, bare feet on cut grass, short sleeves, enough to make me deliriously  HAPPY!!

I was so happy I even jumped for Joy, although I do not know who Joy is?  And I don't seem to be able to jump very high anymore.  My spring in my jumping needs fixing, and this photo makes my boobs look like one is up and one is down!!  Maybe I should leap of something so it looks like I am jumping, but I would probably go arse over tit and break something.

But woohoo for fabulous weather!!!

I also did a mini op shop, shop as I had to post some mail on my way home from work and as luck would have it my car found a park right outside the Salvo in Te Rapa.

The top is in a really light weight fabric in the most amazing colours with kind of kimono type sleeves, hard to show.  The mug is a Fitz & Flyod mug and I remember giving one to TOF many years ago and his mother sold it in a garage sale, excellent.  So I scored this for memories sake and it will make a good pen pot. Can you see that it is a skier?  As for this sterling silver locked, it is quite a big one and delicious, cost me $22.  My mother had an old family one that I loved but she gave it to someone else in the family, but that's how it goes sometimes.  I had to go to the Supermarket this afternoon and I was not keen as it is school holidays at the moment and I had visions of my normal quiet cruisy grocery shop being one filled with running screaming kiddie winkles!!  Phew, all was under control and I managed to nail my shop in good time.

This divine bag arrived in the post today via another trade me deal I had made, so I celebrated by swinging!!!  

And remember: 

How I love this Day Light Savings!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Making some good scores lately luv, need to get my op shop Mojo back.

Sandra said...

Yay for jumping and short sleeves and amazing finds, I do like a kimono sleeve! the locket is gorgeous, and am going to find out what a skier is!x x

daiseedeb said...

I just love how happy and joyous you are! And how happy it makes me, too! ;)

Serenata said...

You go girl, kick up yah heels! Some great finds, I especially like the locket.

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