Wednesday, 2 October 2013

You should wear flowers in your hair

When I was a young girl my sisters  and I would make daisy chains.  There was nothing quite like sitting on the lawn in the sun and pinching  a slit in the stems of daisies and thread another one through until it was big enough to wear on your head.  Today was one of those beautiful days to sit on the lawn and, hang on a minute, I don't have enough daisies because I mowed the lawns the other day.  Improvise!!!!

This is my grown up version!!  Jasmine, Lavender and Fennel.  Smelled great!!  Even Oscar felt the need to get in on the flower wearing gig going on in the garden.  We lay on the crocheted rug to relive another childhood game of making pictures out of the clouds.  But the clouds were few and far between and of the wispy variety.  TOF has a poster on clouds, don't ask, maybe I should consult it so I know what we had in the sky today.

 Today's quote:


Sandra said...

I love the quote! so cool, and the flowers are so pretty, Oscar looks adorable and you look fabulous! we should wear flowers more often x x

Vix said...

Both of you are rocking the flower power. You should link to Judith's Hat Attack!


Helga! said...

Bahahaha, in other words, display a shit eating grin?!
Ooo, how very lovely to be out in the garden rocking some flowers! Super pretty. I know crap all about clouds too; I believe it's a fascinating subject!

Tamera Wolfe said...

you are totally rocking the REAL floral crown!!

The Style Crone said...

Absolutely stunning headwear, and love that Oscar got into the festivities. Great blog and thank you for linking up with Hat Attack!