Friday, 1 November 2013

The country came to town

The A & P Show is in town for three days starting with today, and seen as I wasn't going to attend work until closer to the middle of the day I decided to go check it all out.  Last time I went to one of these the boys were toddlers.  Armed with my camera I headed of for my mornings entertainment.

The Claudelands Event Centre is smack bang in the middle of Hamilton City surrounded by parks, housing and businesses.  I have no idea what the A & P stands for but guessing Agricultural for the A and sod knows what for the P!  Today was free to get in and I now know why, there were massive amounts of pre school and school aged children everywhere!!!!  Not that this bothered me one bit, I was just glad my days of being parent help are well over.

Inside there was stalls set up for sheep and alpacas, with an arena for showing them, which I think would have happened later on today.  Good old fashioned show ribbons for winning fleece from both types of animals were on display and there was a group from Creative Fibre and Felting doing a spinning display with beautiful things on show, like all the woven scarves.

There were a few stands inside with people selling their wares, and outside there was the usual food and drink vendors with a few entertainment things for children.  I was looking for the preserves and giant veges, but apparently there were none.  Such a shame but people just don't seem to do it anymore.  Maybe at the rural shows this still happens.

Beautiful large cows were being judged, I wonder if it is like a beauty pageant?

The cutest little 5 day old chickens were so funny to watch, likewise the pre school children trying to pick them up and squeeze them.  Who new there were so many different eggs??  Ducks, so gorgeous but I just know TOF would say NO to a pond and some ducks.

Holy crap the roosters were huge, note they are called "Heavy Breeds"!!  Top right photo if you look really hard you will see two little chicks under all mums fluff.

My favourite part was the Farm Yard where it is all mums and bubs of the farming world.  The sweetest little girl befriended me near the donkeys.  I am sure I have enough room in the back yard for a miniature horse!!

I so could have run off with the baby pigs!!  How cool would they be living down the back with all my girls.

The Turkey was incredibly loud, but the baby goat stole my heart.  Look at those ears? Awwwwe!

This little horse was the size of a dog, and so dam gorgeous.

I guess everything as a baby is cute and gorgeous.  The mother cow in the middle was a roudy old thing.

So many horses in so many colours and sizes.

 There is always someone that has to be a clown!

I love how the horsey folk are impeccably dressed. The lovely young girl told me all about her 1 year old horse and obliged me with letting me photograph her.

I remember watching dog trials on TV with my dad when I was a kid so this was great to watch live.  Super clever the relationship between man and dog, and such control over the wayward sheep.

 Kids leading their animals was lovely to watch.

The Heritage show and commentary was possibly wasted and I think went over the heads of the young audience tucking into their morning tea.  I fancied the old mans walking stick!!

This is the first time I have been to Claudelands since the new events Centre has been built.  Quite a building and I like the sculpture outside.  Hamilton has a substantial amount of sculptural work which could lead to a mighty fine post to share with you all.  What a fabulous way to spend the morning before toddling off to work for a few hours.  When I got home I had a parcel to open.

Neon green shoes that I bought off trade me for $10!!

The weekend is so close I can smell it!!  Hope you all have a fabulous one.


Serenata said...

I think the P stands for Pastoral if I remember rightly. I used to go to a lot of A&P shows when I as young and also competed/showed my horse at a couple. I've been to the Hamilton A&P a couple of times as well. It used to be a huge event, or perhaps that is just the way I remember it.

Great shoes!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Yep Serenate is right, Agricultural and Pastoral show. This is the first year I won't be going. Been a few years since I've shown the goats. Kinda miss it but not the palaver :D

Sandra said...

what a fantastic event, baby animals are the cutest, I'm a sucker for anything small and furry! we have similar events but nothing as full and spectacular, my girls would love it! x x x have a lovely weekend x x x