Wednesday, 20 November 2013

We've hit the half way point

Today I had to take Jak to the Fracture clinic to get his cast sorted.  It has now been confirmed that he has indeed BROKEN in Scaphoid bone in his wrist.  So today's cast is on for 4 weeks as 5 weeks clashed with New Years Eve and Jak being away at Rhythm and Vines!!  If it hasn't healed by then, then it will be another cast and or a possible operation to have it pinned.  Jak is feeling BLUE!

Well his cast is BLUE.  But this photo pretty much sums up what he thinks!!  We have gone for a waterproof one which should make showering easier and with summer coming, it makes sense.  He isn't supposed to skate, but he is bloke so he will continue to skate unless I lose it, the skateboard that is.

I managed to get to two of my favourite op shops out my way today.  Christine at Look Smart is still have a 50% sale which is always a good excuse to go have a look.  I found two pairs of shoes, both almost brand new, just how I like them.

So the Danish Clogs on the left I put aside for my sister Helen and she is keen, so I will go back and get them tomorrow for her.  The sandals on the left were for me but she is pretty keen on them also, so they too could be heading to the east coast very soon.  Like Friday, Jak and I are thinking of a road trip over that way.  Helen has a pair of Briarwood shoes for me that she picked up at her local St John op shop the other day, so we shall be doing a shoe trade for sure!!

Another glorious day of sunshine here today, it is definitely feeling summery!  What is not to love about summer??  You have to be happy when the sun is out shining her butt off for us all.

Happy mid week to you all!!


Poppy Q said...

Oh it finally feels like summer here too today. Great finds at the op shop, we never get any good bargins here as they are all picked over so much.

Julie and Poppy Q

Angels have Red Hair said...

Poor Jak ... I don't blame him for feeling a little disgruntled ... plaster in summer ... not fun.

Vix said...

Oh dear, that must be really annoying. I'd definitely lose the skateboard, he'll probably end up damaging something else.
Love those clogs. x

Sandra said...

Poor Jak, I hope it all heals and he avoids any surgery, and yep I'm with Vix, I think I would conveniently 'lose' the skateboard, just to be safe - I am loving the strappy sandals, sexy stuff indeed!! x x x

Helga! said...

O, I'm sure Jak will cope! I do hope he's right handed, at any rate....!!!
OMG, those multi strapped sandals are AMAZING!!!!! Love 'em!