Wednesday, 6 November 2013

According to the box I'm a Dark Blonde now.

Last night I put a Dark Blonde dye through my hair and this is the result.  My new colour is still slightly lighter than my youngest son, and it isn't nearly as dark as I expected it would be.  I still don't see how you can call this colour Blonde, dark or not, Blonde is White!!  This will do nicely for now and possibly I will go even dark next year for Winter.  TOF got up this morning and said, "hey, someone shit on your hair, it's gone brown!!"  He is precious.

Today I went and had lunch with my lovely friend Karen who works at Wintec.  After our catch up we had a little wander around Campus.  The gorgeous white Wisteria is in full bloom and looking so fabulous, but it stands a good chance of being removed due to buildings going on and up.  We both think that would be criminal and I have said I shall chain myself to it in protest if she wants.  I am sure I could phone "Rent a Protest Group" to help save it.  I had to take a photo of the car in the car park that had been post-it note padded.  I love a good prank!  The end wall of the Cafeteria was photo worthy.  Wintec Campus is such a lovely place and while lunching I saw and spoke to three people I knew who were wondering what the hell I was doing at a place of Education!!  They all probably thought trying to educate or re educate me would most definitely be a lost cause!!  This is what I love about living in this city, sometimes I can bump into loads of people I know and other days I see no one.  Not too big and not too small, I would say just right.  Your rock Hamilton!!

The day turned into quite a warm one for this time of the year so all plans of doing some housework went out the window as it was far too nice to waste on such a job indoors!!  Hey at least I gave it consideration.


Vix said...

The hair's looking great, you'll probably need a few applications before you get to the colour you wanted though, blonde hair's so porous. xxx

Serenata said...

Looks blonde in the photo on my screen! Typical man!

Looks great regardless of it being the 'wrong' colour.

Sandra said...

I like your hair, it is a little darker, it's fab! I like fancy places of Education, I don't like the idea of doing any work! I hope they don't get rid of the Wisteria, bloody shame, definitely call 'rent-a-protest'! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Your hair looks great ... and I think there can be lots of different shades of blonde.
Did the post it notes have messages on them??

Helga! said...

TOF is a bloody bugger! Ha!
I like this colour, it's similar to my natural colour, or what I remember it being....!!! XXX