Monday, 11 November 2013

Lets have a big shout out to the fabulous weather

Crikey, the weekend came and went and now it is Monday!  The weather has been rather summery today and I think we may have even hit the expected 26*.  But before we can even discuss today there is the weekend.

Saturday morning after having a chat on face book with the lovely Linda (Op Shop Mama) I headed off to 3 garage sale/car boot sale that she had told me about.  She aught to get a laugh now, the garage sale she mentioned wasn't actually on until Sunday so I was there a whole day early wondering what the hell she was on about!!  A small drive into the country I discovered the School Car Boot sale wasn't at the school but at another address also in the country and luckily I knew the road.  My final destination was closer to my neck of the woods and another car boot sale, but most of the sellers were over it, too hot and starting to pack up there stuff.  But I did get me a couple of books at 50c each and the colourful wee jug for $1, yes I am by far the last of the big spenders!!  In fact it is a wonder the stall holders didn't stand up, gather around me  and start singing "Hey Big Spender"!!

I will try another Saturday morning out and about and maybe even try to meet up with the Queen of such events herself!!
The rest of the day was spent mooching about and basically goofing off.  I am quite good at both mooching and goofing.
Saturday night however I was asked to go to my eldest sons flat as one of his flat mates mum was out from the land of Oz, ok, Australia.  We have met once before and keep in touch via social media as you do these days.  Anyway Jenny is such a good stick and needless to say we had a little bit of fun.  Her son took these photos and a few of his nostrils, these aren't too bad for someone that was drinking Jagermeifter.  I had a lovely catch up with Jenny and took some photos of her and her two off spring, really good fun family!!  I laugh at the last photo, I call it the NO MORE PAPARAZZI shot!!   I headed home to my jimmies and a hot drink while the younguns I think headed off to town.

Sunday arrived and we watched our National rugby  team the All Blacks play against the French team while tucking into a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked by TOF.  After copious loads of washing being done I got back into the swing of mooching and goofing off again, with my animals in the garden.

 The girls.

 More of the girls.

 Oscar slow cooking himself in the sunshine.

 Sheba competing with The Bird of Paradise flower in the beauty stakes.

Tex doing what Tex does best and gorgeous flowers.

Then Monday rocked up and it was time to get organised to go to work.  Our predicted temp for the day was 26* and it was warm as first thing, so I dressed accordingly and accessorised. 

My accessories included pink glitter jelly shoes, my Frida necklace that in a previous life was a bracelet, and a small cute dog!!  Work was so so, I had one of those days where I was slightly over the general public, especially the lady that came into the shop at 5 minutes to closing.  HATE!

But in the shop we have this super talented up cycling lady that sells her stuff in one of the corners, and I thought one of her jackets and a cushion deserved to be shared with you all.

This is some of the stock that caught my eye today.  The poodles made me think of the beautiful English Vix.  The dress I loved and wanted, fitted everywhere perfectly except for the boobs!!  Dam those boobs!!  It is not like you can walk around with the side zip undone.  The pink bag is a dog carry bag, OMG and WTF!  Oh and the fabric hippo is too beautiful to be a toy but it is.

When I got home TOF was outside tending to the garden and the back yard was lit with sunlight everything looked so peaceful and pretty. I do love the moon during the day just letting the sun know that time is about to be called on the day.

The animals are loving having Jak home all day, especially Tex who hitched a ride to his favourite chair to continue with his hectic time schedule of eating and sleeping!!  Oh to be a moggy.

Now remember that Corrugated Iron exhibition I went to a couple of weekends ago, well I found this photo in one of our papers of the Morris Minor.  Super cool and had to be shared.  With flowers of course, and I didn't even know I grew roses, just fabulous!!

I love this wee gem:


Vix said...

You look fabulous in that dress, so slinky and sexy! Gorgeous animal and nature photos as always.
Love the decorated jug.
I have those poodles only minus the chain!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Oh dear sorry!!! Ballzed that one up for ya - but at least I got you out the door!! Much more exciting than Saturday morning sport.. like pop up op shops, only cheaper!!

Yip I'm sure our paths will cross soon! Love the Iris jug..

Great floral dress.

So fecking hot!!! I need a pool. x

Sandra said...

you look fabulous in the floral frock! I am crushing over it! I am with you on the boob front! I don't think I've ever found a dress in the chazzas and vintage fairs that fits the girls! gah! the dog bag is fab!! and the bird of paradise flower!!! I love them!!!
looks like a fab weekend! and I love the pics of all your cute feathered and furry bunch x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Mooching snd goofing off are my favourite two pastimes.

Helga! said...

That's my kind of big spending,baby!
I haven't found anything that cheap for a while though......:(
I shall have to wear my splendid ensemble soon, although the frock is a little big. I can disguise that though! I saved that lady as a fave seller, as she works at an oppy I rarely visit on the other side of town......
The upcycling lady is very bloody clever!!!
I LOATHED people coming in just on closing time when I worked in retail! The feckers always take their time too. Pet peeve, and I never do it myself, unless it's urgent and I am literally in and out. Manners, darling!
I want to cuddle Tex!