Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mini break just for me

..oh and Oscar came too.  On Friday things changed and I ended up deciding I would go over to stay with my sister Helen at Whangamata.  With my reservation for the night confirmed and the request for a small dog to accompany me accepted I packed some bits and buggered off!!  The first song that came on the radio as I hit the countryside was "Take the long way home" by Supertramp, I knew Dad was coming along for the ride.  This was the song I chose for his coffin to be carried out to the hearse for his final destination, he always took the long way home you see.  It took quite some time to hear that song and not cry, but yesterday I smiled and said welcome along dad, we are going to your favourite beach!!

We stopped off in Paeroa a nice sized town full of interesting shops that I haven't had the chance to have a good look through for years.  As luck would have it we got a park right outside a 2nd hand shop so it seemed fitting that I ventured on in.  Loved the chair!

The Jean Jones Outlet shop (NZ made label) is here too, and I finally got to go there.  Yes I got the Pink under skirt that was hanging in the window, why not, originally $129, and down to $30.

With my traveling companion not remotely interested in doing the shops we then parked up at a park for some fresh air, potty stop and lunch.  I had made me/us a very delicious sandwich which we shared.  Time for a tourist shot of the giant Lemon & Paeroa bottle, iconic to the town!!

Next stop was Waihi, an old mining town that still has a controversial  mining venture underway.  The sight of the enormous pit in the ground is amazing/horrendous, depending on which side you are on.  I don't live there so I don't have an opinion.

This old pump house has been here for ever and even as a young child I was fascinated with it.  It was moved to a new spot not far from the original sight a few years back, not the same magic to me but still very historical and amazing.

 A somewhat tagged monument now.

 One thing is for sure, the view of the surrounding countryside is lovely.

Down in the main street a friend of mine that has moved to Waihi has opened a beautiful shoe shop, Elite Shoes and I rather liked these shoes!!  I love that there is still one of the old pony rides outside a shop, not her shop, but a bike shop I think.  The main street has all these lovely sculptures.

Waihi has a quirky selection of shops but with a small dog in a car on a beautiful hot day, shop hopping was not on the cards.

Finally we were at Whangamata.  I used to hate the hills between Waihi and Whangamata when I was a car sick kid.  Now as an up front rider and yesterday the driver, I really enjoy them.  We called in on Helen and then headed to the water, so we could paddle in the tepid sea and get sand in between our toes!!

Dinghies chained to trees!

 Spectacular colour and moored boats.

 Flowering Pohutukawa trees, always a good sign.

Oscar and his cousins Febe and Clutch.

I love my sisters house, she has a talent for decorating.  She was showing me the dark wig she has got, the kind of colour I am thinking of going next winter.
Old photos, the best type.  My two sisters (Helen & Diana) on the left, and Dad with Helen on the right.

These things used to live in our beach house and I love that they still live at the beach. I get to enjoy them when I visit and the memories they stir up.

The Grandfather clock was our Poppies, Dads father and Helen has the same initials so it was always going to be hers.  It is good to know that it will live on with her family and it suits her home.

 More fabulous things that adorn her home.

After a lovely meal and some very nice wine, we relaxed in the lounge and watched some comedy on the tv.  Then it was off to bed.  I slept in as I do when I stay at the beach.  I awoke to empty house and another spectacular day.
The old pump we had at our beach house when dad was building it, before we were connected to the town supply.  It rests safely in Helen's garden, picture on the right is her hard at work using it.

While I slept Helen took all the dogs for a run on the beach and her hubby went out for a surf.  Such a good mother/aunty, she gave them all a shower on their return.

The Roses and Water Lily were looking beautiful this morning.  Helen had work to go to and I was heading home.

Before leaving my favourite beach one last visit to  the ocean was required. It was looking very summery this morning.

 Helen manages a shop called Glamour, which is full of goodies from Nepal.

Lots of temptations but another time when flush with cash.  Helen found this card that she thought was so Oscar!

I always visit Budda Lounge, it has been a favourite shop of mine for years, and yes I was bad and purchased a gorgeous necklace, because I needed another gorgeous necklace ok!!

One last stop before going home,  an Op Shop!  I found the two things on the left.  Yesterday I went to Whangamatas other op shop where I got the wee bag and Helen had got me the shoes from it the other day.

It was really time to say goodbye to the beach.  Snax at the ready and a cold drink, Oscar comfortable on the passenger seat, air con on, and Joe Cocker in the CD player.  Farewell Whangamata, we will be back!!

While Oscar slept I stopped in the Karangahake Gorge to take photos of the waterfall.  Back on the road to home and before I knew it we were back in town.  I basically came inside to an empty house, TOF was working and Jak was who knows.  So I treated myself to a 3 hours nap.  Warm weather, sea air and concentrating for a length of time at driving had completely knackered me!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

I count my blessings that I have a fabulous fun friend that just happens to be my sister.  I love her to bits!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

You always seem to be off on exciting adventures … love all the shops … give Oscar a pat from me .. he must be a very patient puppy ;0)

Sandra said...

it does take time, especially with some songs, but I believe our loved ones still pop in, and they let us know too! - what an awesome trip! I'm chuffed you got the pink petticoat, I love a bit of flounce under a skirt! great pics of the trip and I love the sculptures and shops - you are the double of your sister, you all had the best swimwear EVER! and your sisters home rocks! all the pics are fabulous, loved them all, and I think a 3 hour nap was well deserved missus x x x ps you made me laugh this morning when I read your comment, yes!! we could be related!! good idea!! x x x

Poppy Q said...

What a great little adventure Sue, thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. You and your buddy Oscar got to enjoy lovely sunny days at the beach - it was a lovely weekend here in Wellington too, alas Miss Pops can't be taken to the beach.

Julie and Poppy Q

his_girl_friday said...

You have such a precious doggie!

Vix said...

Isn't it weird when that kind of thing happens? I don't believe in an afterlife or religion but hearing or smelling something is a real jolt.
LOved the pictures. Your sister's house is gorgeous, I love her style. The wig looks incredible, you'd look stunning as a brunette. xxx

Helga! said...

Love this post!
How splendid to have a wee breakie,and in such a gorgeous place! That pump house is awesome.
Your sis does indeed have great decorating skills, I am dribbling....and I have a thing for taxidermy right now, so I'm feeling a bit covertous!
Fancy your Dad coming along! I love that kind of thing, it's a bit weird, but feels right.

Serenata said...

What a lovely mini-break you had with your sister. I so enjoy seeing all these posts of special places I remember. So bright and cheerful indeed. Glad you had a great time.