Monday, 2 December 2013

We gave TOF the chop and I have Firemen in my loo.

Jak and I nagged suggested that TOF let us cut his hair last night.  He finally caved in thought it was a great idea so we placed him in the kitchen and unpacked the hair clippers.  Jak and I took turns styling his locks!!

The first look Jak went for was the Skullet.  Like a Mullet but works best on dudes with hair thining on top to get a skullish look.  Then I had a turn and moved into the Hare Krishna look, but with no orange robes or mandals (man sandals) in the house we knew this one was not destined to be a keeper.

A very patient TOF inspected both looks and then politely asked us to "Get on with it".  With a whizz and a whoosh it was all done and most of his hair was on the floor.  Now both Max and Jak think they may use his mug shot as their profile pics on face book.  Anyone keen for a haircut then??  They are FREE!!

On my way to work this morning I squeezed in two op shops.  Hospice is good as all clothes are $2.50 each and it is forever changing.  Then I popped into the Salvo.  I got......

A brass Christmas tree.  I was going to flag putting our tree up this year and just slap a couple of candles in this instead, but TOF said NO WAY, the tree has to go up.  So guess I will be doing that later this week.  Moving on, the small picnic basket was from Salvo for $2.  I have a few of these that I keep things like, cottons, lace and trims, and I have one for my sewing patterns.  They stack well.  The baby banana basket I couldn't resist.  Perfect for just my purse, phone and car keys!!  The tiny potty and flour shaker were from the Hospice.  All this lot for $12.

Now I bet you are wondering how I have Firemen in my loo.  Well today a Fireman came into work and offered to sell me something.  How can you resist the temptation to buy a little something of a fireman??

I asked him what month he was and he laughed and patted his tummy.  I suggested maybe he was January, you know after all the feasting over Christmas.  He thinks he will be back to sell me a little something the same time next year.  Cheeky!!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Ha classic!
I've never seen a little banana basket like that - very cool!

Sandra said...

mandals!! best new word! TOF looks very handsome with his new hairdo! love what you got from the salvo, wicker is like cat nip for me, I love it!
I may have looked at the Fireman calender for a little too long (he's holding a power tool and a helmet, I am not going to say any more!!!) I need to stop appreciating him and do stuff! the quote made me laugh! x x x

Vix said...

TOF looks smashing with his new 'do. You've done a grand job.
I don't get this thing about firemen...I remember a man trying to chat me up a few years ago who kept protesting "but I'm a fireman" , doesn't make any difference to me, you're either hot or you're not! xxx

Helga! said...

O, TOF is a love, I guess he knew you'd get there in the end, and doesn't he look a treat?!
There's nothing like a quickie at the oppies, even better when you come away with some lovely scores!!! Reminds me that I've got a picnic basket somewhere.....hmmmmmmmm

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh TOF's haircut looks like fun .... and just think ... in another 8 weeks or so you'll be able to do it all again ... it's the gift that keeps on giving ;0)