Friday, 20 December 2013

Final SuesDay for 2013 so we went to Church!!

Well me and  the other Sue were actually going to go to The Meteor to check out the Christmas Trees as one of our favourite bloggers the very lovely Op Shop Mama has a tree on show.  But much to our disappointment it wasn't open today, but will be tonight and tomorrow. Doesn't work for us tho'. Never mind, we decided to walk up the hill and go to Church!!  (For a look inside)

So it isn't an old church by world standards but as I have said before, in our little country it is, nearly 100.  Actually it is a Cathedral, and it sits up on top of a hill at the end of town.  I have always admired this building.

I am not a religious person, but I loved the peacefulness inside this beautiful place.  Being the daughter of a builder and a long blood line of builders, I am always intrigued with wooden things.

The Nativity scene was lovely, I do like a good nativity scene, I like ornaments.  I will admit I looked around inside visualizing this as a home.  Churches make amazing homes.  I mean look at the arches and that fabulous high beamed ceiling.  I can dream!!

 I like all the nooks and crannies, the ornamental things, the flowers, the candles, and the blue door.

OMG, and then there are all the stained glass windows!!  I dabbled in stained glass years ago, but nothing as amazing as these.   From memory I made a couple of lampshades, terrariums, and a few panels.

These are ART!!!
Back outside into the warmth of the sunshine and the gently cooling breeze, and the buzz of traffic. 

There is always time to sniff the flowers, wish I had my secateurs so I could have taken a few cuttings form the Hydrangeas.  I think I have a Hydrangea fetish! Oh and there were a couple of scittery cats, we assumed them to be the Church cats, or strays they are feeding, bless!!  Not at all obliging for photos.

 Thank you we did!!

After our church visit we wandered across the road and I took Sue to the old Band Rotunda that is on the river bank.  Another beautiful place to just enjoy solely because it is there.  From there we headed back in to town to visit a few of our favourite haunts for the last time this year.

Now there is always time to get a handful of rugby players arse even if you are on your way to the Salvo.  This is on the window of a place at a rather busy intersection, did this put our Sue off, NO WAY!!  Good on ya mate!!

I only got two things today.  Some bright flowers for my sunhat and another Tui Beer gnome for my garden.  $7.50 for the lot!!  We said "see you next year" to all our favourite op shop workers and mossied on back to mine.  Most of the Op shops will be closed from tomorrow until the 6th of January 2014. I can only imagine how many rejected Christmas presents will be there when they re open.

Just enough time to toast the final SuesDay for 2013 and have a wee pose in the garden.  Sorry to let you all down but we were drinking Lemon & Paeroa!!  But a toast is a toast!!  It is such fun to have someone with the same name as me who is just as mad as me!!  Thanks Sue :-)



Wendy Rayner said...

Lovely pics sue as usual, i think you and susan should take up photography, lol xx

Dominic Thomson said...

This is the first one of these blogs of yours that I've read as I was intrigued by the church visit. Very well done and a quick easy read. I to have always wondered what that church looks like inside, now I don't have to visit it. Very cool photos.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Looks like fun ... wish I could come to Suesday ;0)

Sandra said...

Me too! I want to come too! arse grabbing, chazza shopping, chilling in churches (I find them remarkably relaxing!) naked gnomes and hat flowers, sounds like perfection to me - I can't wait for 2014 Susdays! you gorgeous women x x x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Bummer you missed it! Yeh it's usually just on in the evenings with just the one day time session today... But you went to church.. so bonus! Yeh that's a beautiful building. Those stained glass panels are amazing.
LOVE those flowers you scored!!

Vix said...

Your enthusiasm for old buildings puts our British complacency to shame. I pass a Norman church every day and don't even notice it.
Love stained glass and the dramatic approach to the church! x

Poppy Q said...

Good on you girls, looks like you had lots of fun in the sun!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours Sue.

Julie and Poppy Q