Sunday, 22 December 2013

Road trip with TOF.

The plan was for all 4 of us to head on up to Auckland for lunch with TOFs family.  But as I suspected both lads were somewhat hung over as lads are at this particular time of the year.  So it was just TOF and I for the road.

The exciting part was there is a brand new expressway out of Hamilton now and we drove it.  The sad part is it bypasses small towns like Ngaruawahia and Taupiri, which could effect these places over time.  But it definitely makes the trip north smooth, fast and easy driving.

There is more expressway still to be built so more towns will be bypassed I guess.  We drove past the Power Station in Huntly, round a round about with big Korus painted on it, past numerous road signs, ploughed and planted fields, and Rainbows End amusement park when we got to Auckland. Which also means my google map instructions were correct.

We met up with TOFs mum, her new partner, TOFs sister and our brother in law.  We had lunch at this lovely restaurant in the Marina at Half Moon Bay.  It was a beautiful day and the meal and company was good. TOFs sisters birthday was on Friday and his is on Monday so it was a happy birthday/Christmas catch up.  Talk about kill two birds with one stone!!

As we were leaving this grandad walked past towing his grandchild in the coolest truck cart ever.  We said our goodbyes and made for the motorway and back to the Waikato, south bound we were.

Once on the motorway there was time for a selfie with my driver!!

Soon we were off the motorway and back onto the Waikato Expressway, it is all countryside and beautiful stuff at that.  At Taupiri on the mountain (small hill really) there is a Maori burial ground.  The higher up they are buried the higher up in the family standing they are.  Like the Maori Queen is buried at the top, and it is one mammoth walk when there is a funeral.  There are paddocks full of freshly cut and bailed hay, rolling hills amongst flatter paddocks, and old barns.  I really do love my Waikato countryside.

We have now safely delivered a Christmas Lily plant to both our mothers so we  can sit back and relax for the rest of summer. Phew!!

In fact we both had a nana nap on our return, as you do when you have been on a family outing.

Tomorrow is TOFs birthday so the lads and I will whip up a meal for him and hopefully a cake.  Both he and I are working until Christmas eve and then it is put up the feet and kick back and take in a whole lot of R & R!! 

Sincerely hope you have all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a Christmas of your choice.  We don't do the big extended family dribble anymore which suits this house hold well.

Now I may well have shared these festive funnies already but they are my favourites:

...especially this one!!


Poppy Q said...

I have to work over Christmas, but don't mind as we don't do the big family thing either. It is great not to have the pressure.

Merry Christmas to you and your family Sue, hope you get some sunshine, feasting and relaxing done!

Julie and Poppy Q

Vix said...

That Maori burial site is fascinating, I want to see more! The weather looks glorious and so do you.
Sending TOF lots of happy birthday wishes! xxx

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday TOF! good times and good company are always the greatest, and I love the Grandad pic with the little'un in the cart, oh too sweet! Love your selfie with TOF, and I didn't know about the Maori tradition, you are teaching me! hope you are having a fab time, I think it's 1 more sleep for your R&R and I will forever love your 'yeah Santa' it inspired me the other week when Santa asked me it I'd been good, I told him I'd been very bad and liked it ha! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've decided I want one of those wagons for Christmas ... but a little bigger ... and then I want Hubby to pull me around in it all year long ;0)

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

we drove the new bot of road today, to see if Joe would gain anything getting to work! But nope! He's sticking to his old route. Great photos and I especially like the photo of the two of you, noice. Happy buffday to TOF, hope he has a good'un! ♥