Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Birthday TOF!!

Last night my sons and some of their mates decided TOF needed to be taken to our local tavern for a few birthday drinks and I was invited as the sober driver!!

There were plenty of games of pool....

...and plenty of these got drank...

 ...and of course plenty of photos got taken.

TOF and I left the lads to it as he is now fiddyfive (rapper talk for 55) and as I pointed out to him in 10 years he can retire!!  Plus we were both ready for our hot drink and lounge chairs.  We were using Jaks car which had it's petrol light shining, and we jointly decided if it ran out of gas we would just desert it and walk home, he would have been hoping we would top up the petrol tank. 

Anyone would think it was Christmas!!

So today I finished work in the office job I do for the year, back mid January.  While I was doing the end of year thing TOF was busy in the kitchen baking!  He made a Sultana cake, some Russian Fudge and one of his all time favourites, a Lemon Meringue Pie.  Yes he is a dab hand in the kitchen and I continually tell him how fabulous he is.  I will probably slap a Pav together tomorrow so we may not be exchanging gifts, singing carols under a heavily decorated tree, but we shall be eating like the world ends on boxing day for sure.  Which it may well do with all the sweet treats for desert. We will eat dinner before hand, it aint all deserts!!

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow what ever you do and where ever you are.

And I wish you all happiness and send you a big old blogger hug!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Have a fandabbyarseole Chrimbo!! ♥ Love ya xx

Sandra said...

Have a Happy, wonderful brilliant Christmas! eating gorgeous TOF food of lovliness, sounds ace! Blog hug received and a big one sent back to you!! x x x x

Wendy Rayner said...

Lovely pic lovely lights etc,happy birthday to your hubby have a fab day from wendy & Michael & Family x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Enjoy your desserts ... and your Christmas ... and Happy Birthday TOF :0)