Monday, 23 December 2013

Hey Monday!! I am so ready for you.

In fact last night I even pimped an op shopped cardy and repaired an op shopped dress to wear today.

Wanna see??

Layered flower shaped pieces of felt and multi coloured bobbles all on a cropped and shortened sleeved old cardy!!

Gotta love some bobbles!!

Tex of course approved!

So I am off to work in the shop for the last time this year, that sounds so tragic.  Having some time off while Hamilton empties out and everyone invades the coastal resorts.  I like Hamilton when it empties out, so quiet and relaxing, suits me fine.  Hopefully the 5 minute to 5 people have already left town so I can shut up shop and get home at a good time.  We have TOFs 55th birthday to celebrate tonight!!!  Far more important than Christmas.

 Enjoy your day and remember:


Angels have Red Hair said...

Love your pimped cardi ... and love Dr Suess ... was there ever a wiser man than Dr Suess? Have a great party ... Happy Birthday TOF :0)

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Oh wow!! I love that :D

Sandra said...

life is always better with pom-poms and felt flowers, you have done a fabulous job, I love it! love it! and your gorgeous dress too, and hello you your shoes, always! love your shoes - hope you had a fabulous time with TOF and an amazing time celebrating his birthday!
Dr Seuss forever x x x

Poppy Q said...

You look lovely and cheerful Sue, hope you have some sunshine to enjoy too. It is dreary, cold and wet here in Wellington. I am working though, so not so bad.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to your hubbie.

Julie and Poppy Q

Vix said...

That cardi is gorgeous! I want! xxx

Honey filly said...

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