Saturday, 7 December 2013

In love with the Garden!!

Saturday is always a good day to get out in the garden.  With the rain and the warmth we have been experiencing things in the garden are performing to their very best.  Apart from gathering the eggs, picking more raspberries and strawberries I pulled some spring onions and a beetroot.  I feel a very nice salad coming on for dinner tonight.  Speaking of salad, the pot of salad micro greens I planted just keeps reproducing.  Every time I pick a handful it encourages more growth, such a fabulous pot of goodness to have perched on the deck.  The pot of mint is thriving to, and will be perfect with the spuds when they are ready.

Of course the spuds are growing in TOFs garden where TOF was busy toiling away adding some more plants.  He pulled a whole lot of leeks out, and I think we have more leeks than a Welshman at the moment.  His broccoli is doing good and should be ready to devour soon.  I am banned from this spot so took pics over the gated of enclosure that is his domain!!

The colour in the garden is magnificent, as is the fragrance from some of the flowers.  I look forward to my sweet peas flowering and scenting the back yard.  

Well I have a few bits and bobs to do before I go and get glammed up for a night out.  I am off to a lovely young ladies 25th birthday tonight as the unofficial official photographer.  Should be a good party and I get to take loads of photos which I know I will enjoy doing.


Serenata said...

The garden is looking amazing Sue. That broccoli is going to be lovely!

Hope you enjoyed the party!

Wendy Rayner said...

Your garden is looking great sue x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Wow .. the garden looks great.
We've got a whole lot of leeks too … but I feel the time for potato and leek soup has passed … so they'll probably end up being wasted.
Enjoy your salad … and your photography duties :0)

his_girl_friday said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Sandra said...

I come to you to see what a proper garden looks like! mine is a disgrace!! all of your veggies look amazing and your flowers are beautiful - Enjoy your night out, you know I will be looking forward to the pics! have a great time!! and have a drink for me! x x x

Helga! said...

Spuds with mint, o YES!! I've been looking up mint sauce recipes, actually, as I love lamb and taters with mint sauce and haven't had it in years as I simply won't buy something that is easy to make!
I am envious of your garden, and that reminds me, I MUST take a pic of our fledgling garden!! I need your green fingers, though!