Sunday, 19 January 2014

A very laid back Sunday outdoors.

Making the most of the breeze and the sunshine, my line was full of washing.
(the choice was TOFs undies or my quilt, sorry the quilt won) 

TOF got busy in the garden, pruning, planting and tidying up.
The girls got up close and personal with the silver beet.
The Tui Gnome kept an eye on everything!

I got comfy on the garden swing with a cuppa.
Wispy clouds in the powder blue sky.

 Sunshine on leaves showing their every vein.

 Yellow Calla Lilies popping up everywhere.

 Fruit ripening before our very eyes.
Plums, Apple, Peaches and we still have Lemons.

The girls making the most of some back yard freedom.

 Tomatoes on the windowsill, a sign of summer.

 Colour in the garden and my old painters ladder.

Passionfruit starting to climb the arch to the Blackberries.
Jam making will be serious this year.

White Aggies being blooming gorgeous.
(we miss you Ben)

 Buxus Hedge trying really hard to grow UP!

 Where did the day go??
TOFs watching the cricket on the TV.
Fridge surprise for dinner!

The fluffies all chilled out.

Hope your weekend was a good one!


Angels have Red Hair said...

I've spent most of today wrestling Blogger into submission … your day looks much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Sandra said...

You have the most lush and wonderful garden, I do love it! mine literally is a pile of poo (thanks rabbits!!)you spark conversations/inspire me with the Mr about how we can put something somewhere - I've been in work all day laughing at rude stuff in senior magazines (it was a 'vibrating machine' apparently!!!) x x x

Helga! said...

Our weekend was great, except Sunday was a scorcher!! I didn't know what to do with myself!!! Peepers lay about, too hot to do anything but meow miserably!
Our garden has produced some massive courgettes...marrows, I guess! I'm going to try stuffing them and see what happens!!!

Connie said...

Oh eek oooooo ah. Such pretty things. I need to get my gardening mojo on!