Friday, 17 January 2014

According to my son I look like Barney.

Not Rubble but as in the Dinosaur!!

And he and his older brother used to love watching Barney on the TV when they were small before it all became politically incorrect for a big colourful male Dinosaur to love kids and want them to love him back!

This is my response to my son!

But to the lovely person in the Red Cross shop in Frankton I give you lots of love as you thought I looked like I had lost weight!!
(that is my attempt at a heart, fail!)
Yes it would appear I have been out amongst some of the op shops today, and seriously had a good time, it seems everyone in HamilTron has been having a clean out. YAY!!!!

Russian Doll complete for $6 at the Salvo across from where I live.  Baileys cup (well I got the 4 cups and sugar bowl) were $7 at Save Mart in Frankton.  The two jugs, both have markings on the bottom came from the Dump Shop at $2 and $3, just need a soak in some stain removing concoction.

A Golding picture (which I had in my bedroom when young) was $5 and gorgeous book $2 from Red Cross in Frankton.  As was the lovely dutch sugar bowl and jug set $5.  The plate above is an Alfred Meakin and I got 6 of them as they were only $2 each (could be collectable) and a deck of 500 playing cards for me and TOF, from SPCA in Dinsdale.

Barney the Dinosaur my arse!! 

Right I am off to hang my towels out in this strong wind.  Have a good weekend people, I plan to do so.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I know someone who has that dinner set with the windmills on...mmm can't think who though! I reckon those dolls are from the Babushka shop I went to in Melbourne!! I'll be in next week cos I'm jealous of your haul! :D

Angels have Red Hair said...

More impossibly well priced bargains ... and not a dinosaur in sight. You tell your boy that he's never too big for a good spanking ... and if that fails ... refuse to make his dinner ;0)

Sandra said...

Ha! you say 'my arse' too! yes I agree 'my arse' hehe!! kids are very generous with their opinions, mine are too!!I love your frock, it has dots and is pink and green, which I love and you look wonderful in it! I love your haul of goodies, the Russian Dolls are fab you are on a roll! have a fab weekend! x x x

Wendy Rayner said...

Thats kids for you,have a great weekend but keep an eye on towels
i might find them in my garden lol