Thursday, 16 January 2014

I am normal again, well normal for me!


So last night I took TOF out for dinner because I was flush with cash and Jak was away, and sod cooking and doing dishes when you can go out!  We don't do it that often but when it is just us two at home, I say lets go while we can. We had a lovely meal at the Speights Ale House and then we toddled on home.  While TOF watched the cricket, (yawn!!) I bottled my Beetroot because sometimes I can be domesticated!


Then this morning before going to work I whipped up a dozen Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins for my work mates, because I am like that, and they tell me they all love me.  Flattery will get them everywhere!  Two of them were away sick so the other three got to have lots!!

Trying to get a photo of today's outfit had some difficulty with animals invading the camera space, finally got one outside.  All Orange and Black.

Having a quiet moment with old Tex turned into a fiasco as the dogs wanted to join in!!

He got his moment finally!!

In between going to my jobs there has been a few visits to some of my favourites, well only 3 places this week but this is what I got:

Hospice on Tuesday, back open and ready for us punters.  They have a box of magazines at the door that you can help yourself for FREE!!!  What a marvelous word that is, and you don't get a lot for free these days, only the air that we breathe is about it, so in I went.  The Homegrown ones are more like books an bloody grand.  The Foodie ones are for TOF due to him loving to cook.  The little nik naks were too sweet to leave behind so home they came with me.

Looksmart is still on 50% off and I got two pairs of leggings and the cards there today.  Oh and the reclining Ganesh on the left.  The key ring on the right was from Habitat and going to get incorporated into a necklace.

Apparently Habitat hadn't been very busy today, this could explain why I came home with so much stuff.  After being at the beach and doing puzzles I decided I might do some at home, these were only 50 cents each.  The plant stand folds up and is actually dark green and will get put outside in my garden when the "wind stops blowing"! I had one of these trays when I was a kid and the snakes and ladders is a blast from my past too.  Another lovely old sheet for sewing and a picture frame to be used as a prop in photos. Crikey, didn't I do well??!!

Talking of doing well, TOF caught a good sized Snapper in the Raglan harbour on Sunday while I was away.
(he has caught bigger)


So glad my eye is better.   I did exactly what my doctor told me to do because I always do exactly what I am told to do!! My nose grew then.  I put  cold used tea bags on my eye and then before bed I put the antibiotic cream on my eye and swallowed an anti histamine so I was fully anti bung eye by the morning!!



Angels have Red Hair said...

Well you certainly did well ... with your shopping ... and your bottling ... and your recovering ... and your fishing ... and your baking ... I know cause I've seen the proof ;0)

Sandra said...

you heal well! gorgeous pics of you! I LOVE the first one of you Missus,
it's good to go out and eat though without the kids, love them to pieces but sometimes it's nice to be on our own - bottled beetroot, oh I love that stuff, with some scouse (Liverpool stew) it's a must have in ours! you got a great haul too, the planter is excellent and I love your orange/black outfit - well done TOF on the snapper!ps please show us some deportment lessons! I think it's fabulous! x x x

Helga! said...

Darling, your poor eye!
I'm very proud of you following the doctors orders....!!! Not sure what normal is, but you look to be covering it reasonably well!
Greats cores! Love the corner plant stand thingy. And Delicious is one of my favourite magazines! YAY!
I just saw a show last night where they deep fried a whole snapper, Thai style.....looked heavenly! That's a bloody beauty TOF has! Yummo!