Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sometimes I even surprise myself in the kitchen!

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day, the sort that makes me want to yell out how marvelous it is to be alive!!  I didn't, but I do think that most mornings.  Anyway the plan and may I add a very loose plan at that was to get jobs done before the cricket was on the TV this afternoon.  I will admit that I enjoy a one day game, the test matches confuse the bejezus out of me so I stick to the one dayers.  I have spent a lot of weekends on the side line watching Jak play in between snoozing, I mean reading!  I still don't totally understand the game but I like it.

In between hanging loads of washing out onto the line making full advantage of the sunshine and gentle breeze just like last weekend, TOF and I had a cuppa in the garden.  I have moved my two seater and now you get a whiff or two of lavender while resting your bum.  Mind you, when TOF moved Oscar moved in!!  I have moved my pond to another part of the garden, but I can show you that another day.  I am adopting Dawns gold fish soon, so you have to wait for the grand opening of the new position of the pond.

I love the morning in the garden, there is always so much activity.  The sound of all the birds discussing and planning their days events is soothing to me, they sound so happy.   Just like me, happy in my garden and I happy to share it with the flora and fauna!!  Oh and people to.

Next thing it was nearly the middle of the day, so with my tiny list of jobs dealt to I set up camp in the KITCHEN!!!  Not a favourite room in our house but I have been know to have a success or two in this room.  I can make a good Pavlova, a mighty fine bacon, egg and vege pie, and a few other things.

But today it was JAM!!!!
All named after the places the fruit was sourced from.

 And the secret to my success is this!!

With the all important words like "Quick & Easy" on the front, and "Super Fast Jam" on the back, I know I am onto a winner!!  So Thank you Chelsea for making such a life saving product that makes me look like a capable person in the kitchen and Thank you Lou Lou Belle for telling me about  such magic!!  Another packet of magic is Edmonds Scone Mix, I mean, all you do is "Add Water", even I can do that!!

Back to the cricket, toodles!!!


Sandra said...

you moved a pond! my brain hurts thinking how you did it! so I'll stop thinking and wait for your grand opening! the 2 seater looks fab, I do like them, good place to eat pavlova, yum I love pavlova and bacon and egg (I sound like I'm moving in hehe!!)I have never made jam, yours looks delicious (quick and easy appeals to me too) Enjoy the cricket, and your lovely long weekend!! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've never made jam … but if I can get my hands on a packet of this magic sugar I just might give it a go :0)

pastcaring said...

What a lovely garden you have. I am looking forward to the weather being conducive to me being out in mine too.
Love a pavlova too, but I am another jam-making virgin! I like things quick and easy too, so that sugar looks like a winner to me!
Cricket... Nope. Don't get it! xxx

Connie said...

Morning singing birds! That really is one of the best sounds in life. Gosh! I can barely remember the last time I made jam. I am impressed!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Jam making here yesterday too, and again today but I wont be using the jam sugar! Not at $4.99 a bag! I used 4 kgs of plums yesterday and at that price it wouldn't be cost effective :D Time to go pick a ton of strawberries :D