Saturday, 22 February 2014

Girls only or by invitation.

My "Girls Only/Sewing Room" is looking pretty sweet now that I have it semi sorted.  I spent the morning in my garage sorting through that enormous pile of  crap treasure that I had managed to hoard gather into three different piles.  Then I loaded the back of my trusty station wagon with pile number one and delivered it to Habitat for Humanity.  With an empty boot I then went to two different supermarkets and purchased Beer, lots of Beer that was on special, and about eight bottles of fizz and ten bags of potato chips.  All to add to the stash for the up and coming 21st birthday party, not for an afternoon session for me!!

Amongst my sorting I discovered this very usefully storage unit that still had it's $5 sticker on it.  It now is home to my cottons, elastic and binding, and all the lace and trimmings that I have.

I have to stop buying baskets too, I have more than enough, so if you see another basket for god sake reprimand me severely!!

The car now has a boot full of things which is pile number two, to take into the shop I used to work in tomorrow morning to be sold, what is left in the garage, pile three,  will either be kept of donated.  Seriously this sorting gig isn't that bad once I got going, but it can only be done when it is cool.  The garage was turning into a sweat box by lunch time!!

Because this is a Girls only room Sheba came and joined me this evening while I was busy creating photo boards.  She quite likes the wee couch I have and is happy to snuggle next to me on it.

With this digital age I don't often print photos off let alone store them in an album.  So I am enjoying making collage photo boards to hang around the house.  Snap shot of my life!

This one is photos I took that I then had made into a calender for last year.  Seemed such a shame to put them out with the paper recycling so here they are.  And room to add more when the urge strikes.

We girls invited Oscar to join us, but he had to sleep on the floor in front of the fan as there was no room on the wee couch with us.  In fact he is still on the floor and Sheba is still next to me.  We let TOF in when he was delivering my cuppa!!

This post I started yesterday which was today but now it is tomorrow which  is now currently today, if you follow.  My internet which is supposed to be ultra fast broadband has been ultra slow this evening.  But it has been awfully nice just chilling in my room pottering about and listening to old CDs.  We have had some Frank Sinatra and now Elton John is on.  

Goodnight all!!!


Wendy Rayner said...

Enjoyed pics sue x

Vix said...

I think that's the first time I've seen Sheba without her ball! They look very content in your new room. x

Sandra said...

But I love your baskets!! your room looks fab! hanging out listening to Frank is a great way to spend time, your collages are pretty cool too - good luck with the party organizing too Missus x x x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Always reckoned you were a basket case!! Ok grand RE-opening when I get back, I'll wear a hat! :D

Angels have Red Hair said...

You have been a busy bee ... I think I need to sort myself out a "girls only" zone too.

pastcaring said...

So good to have a room of one's own for pottering! The pets look happy there too! xxx