Thursday, 6 February 2014

Public Holiday and a gorgeous Home For Sale

Today was a public holiday, "Waitangi Day" to be exact!!  Basically a National holiday, a paid day off work, a day off school, a day to celebrate (or not for some).

photo borrowed off the internet
Basically a legal document signed by the Chiefs of  Maori Tribes and the representatives of the Crown, The King/Queen of England.

This photo is also borrowed off the internet.  I would have learned all about the treaty when I was at school and the importance,  but it has been over shadowed through the years with protests and other such things.  On the whole the day is celebrated officially up North at the original site of the signing and around our country by New Zealanders in numerous ways.  It for some has become a political affair and I cannot be bothered with all the nonsense that goes with that, so I think of it as New Zealand Day, a day for all us Kiwis to enjoy the day how ever we choose.

I chose to take photos of my friend Dawns gorgeous home that is For Sale.
(she asked me to do this and is cool with me advertising on my blog)

Her six bedroom home is set  on an acre of park like grounds with five car garaging/workshop.  When she lists this property on Trade Me it will be listed as Acorn Letterbox for sale with huge house and grounds.

 There are lovely big decks back and front and gorgeous gardens.

Freshly painted and ready to welcome a new family.  So if you are interested or know someone that is looking for a slice of paradise in the country you can leave me a comment and I will pass you on the the seller.  This would be ideal for a large family as their is a country school very close by, or as a bed and breakfast/home stay type of business.

Of course I got side tracked with beautiful things in her garden and the ominous clouds gathering above us.

I love her Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Gnomes in her garden!!  And the bird bath is one of her seconds that is for sale.

Friday tomorrow so work and school for the masses.  Me, well I am off out with a friend taking her on an op shop tour of the Tron.  Hopefully I will have wonderful things to share with you all.

Toodle Pip!!


Sandra said...

Happy New Zealand day! your friends home is gorgeous! and massive! it looks like a wonderful home for the next occupants - have a fab op-shop day, remember you are on fire at the moment in the op-shops! I look forward to seeing your goodies (ooh-eer!!) x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm pretty sure YOU were looking for a place in the country weren't you????
Happy New Zealand Day!!!!

pastcaring said...

Hope you've enjoyed your national holiday, and yes please, I'll take that house. Err... there's the small matter of money, but Dawn will take an IOU, right?!
Good luck in the op shops tomorrow! xx

Vix said...

What a fascinating bit of history, I love the first picture and hope you had a good day!
God, Dawn's house is gorgeous, so much space and a beautiful garden! xxx

Connie said...

I love learning about your home. And your friend's house...yes please!