Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mid week catch up

the lads at work
the muffins!!!
(And I didn't cock up the pays this week!!!)
(I think they are disappointed)

So it is Wednesday here, the half way point in most peoples working week, and mine too now as I am currently doing three days a week and loving it.  Who knew a job could be so good??!!

Today's outfit comes to you courtesy of Op Shops, Trade Me and Sale Racks!! Cat is the models own.  And I have been groomed in the hair department.  I have a fabulous and gorgeous young hairdresser who tidies me up and keeps me in the OMGIFF category. (OMGIFF = Oh my god I'm farkin fabulous) 

Due to working only in the mornings on my work days I have been able to squeeze in a couple of visits to some of my favourite op shops when heading homeward bound.

The retro dress is obviously too small for moi but the fabric is to die for so may get upcycled or on sold, the skirt is full length and fabulous, these were both from the Salvo in town yesterday.  The Peasant top was from the Red Cross in Frankton, today, and I rather like peasant tops because I more than likely was indeed a peasant in a previous life!!

I so could not leave this gorgeous dog coat behind today, and don't panic it isn't for Oscar but for my sister's poodle Ms Febe.  Oscar has modeled it for me (pictures to follow) so I know it will fit her.  Navy blue with pink spots!! The shoes are slightly big but nothing a heel grip will not solve and the book should be an interesting read.  This little haul came from Save Mart in Frankton.

Vinnies in Frankton was 1/2 price today so this is what I walked out the door with, yes I paid for it!!!  I love old square plates, my mother had loads of them all in trios that she had been given over the years.  But for some un known reason she got rid of them all, so some op shop scored well.  The tennis set reminds me of my grandmother, she used these all the time.  It isn't a matching set because I made it up out of bits but it will do the trick.

How cute is Oscars new bed??  I put an old crocheted blanket that has a few holes in the bottom of the bed so my wee man is comfy.  Now you are hanging for his modeling photos I bet, well look out because here they come!!

Isn't he precious?? 

Of course I will tell TOF that it is Oscars coat for the laughs.  
I love the photo on the right, pretty much summed up how he felt.  Humiliated!!!


Connie said...

I was a peasant in a former life, too. That and somebody's personal maid. Oh wait. That's THIS life. You look Adorbs. I like to embarrass my pooch in silly outfits, too. It must be a peasant thing.

Connie said...
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Vix said...

I was frantically looking for a racket and a yellow ball there, is that the name you use for some kind of china then?
You're looking fab, all primped and fab. Oscar's looking pretty damned good himself, too! xxx

Sandra said...

I love your outfit, and your petticoats! love them! must get a OMGIFF hairdresser asap, your hair is farkin fabulous! Oscar is adorable in the coat and another great haul, I am itching to go chazza shopping, I need this house to get better pronto ps I think I was a peasant too, nothing has changed much! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh poor Oscar … he is just so embarrassed to be seen wearing a girl's coat … and he'll be mortified when he realises you put it up on the internet ;0)

pastcaring said...

Yeah, think I must come from peasant stock too, those blouses appeal to me as well! You've had some luck at the op shops, the little square plates are lovely, so are the shoes and the floofy skirt, that will look fab with one of your petticoats under it.
Your hair does look gorgeous, but oh that poor humiliated pooch; animals+clothing=plain wrong! xxxx

Helga! said...

Bahahaha, poor Oscar!!!! He does look pretty good in it though..
YAY for the muff success, AND not mucking up the pays, lovey!
Ooo, you've scored large, baby, and very well indeed!