Monday, 24 February 2014

Nuts about Balloons and Muffins

Finally a cool night last night where sleep was easy and comfortable!!  We have had quite a few HOT nights in between the sheets of late. And that would be because of the temperature you dirty minded blog readers!!!  Anyway back to the cooler over night temp, that was still lovely and cool this morning, but rapidly turned into a stunning clear blue cloudless day complete with one of these going over our house.

I love hot air balloons, not enough to go up in one but I do love how they just float silently above us all down below with our cameras focusing on them as they pass by.  I guess the annual Balloon Festival must be coming in the next couple of months.

I love this old photo of my boys when they were little lads.  We used to live across the road from a park that Balloons would land in.  Max my eldest loved them and Jak was basically shit scared of them.  Always a dilemma for me that one, there was a lot of compromise involved in keeping both boys happy. Pleased to report that there were no tantrums from any of us!!

Today has been a lovely laid back one with a shopping trip with my eldest to choose a lap top for him for his birthday.  A haircut for me, so I am looking presentable again, and then a whole lot of chilling out enjoying another beautiful day.  

This evening after dinner I got busy with my "oooops sorry I cocked up your pay" baking.

They are supposed to be Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins but due to a lack of chocolate chips in the cupboard they are Banana Walnut Muffins!! 

 And they are scrum-diddle-umpshish!!!

I made twenty of the suckers as TOF would be none pleased if there wasn't any in his lunch box tomorrow.  They are currently cooling on the bench under cover but the smell is driving me nuts, I could easily devour a couple of them.


Angels have Red Hair said...

I think banana walnut sounds even better than banana choc chip. They have to forgive you for the payday mishap with that kind of bribery ... I mean kindness ;0)

Peaches McGinty said...

Balloons are great, definitely but like you I couldn't go up in one, ever! the muffins look delish, did you have one in the end? chef' treat! that's my rule, gotta try the goods! x x x

Vix said...

That old photo is so sweet!
Hope those cakes get you back in everyone's good books! x

Helga said...

I'm not keen on the idea of going up in a hot air balloon either, after those dreadful accidents in recent years!!! I love watching them go by, though.
Yeah, nice to get some cooler nights! The one before last was cook enough for Peepers to get in under the covers...and out...and in...and out...and in....4 times all up, the bitch!!!
Ooo, those muffins are totally going to redeem you, I can tell. Nothing like a good muff to make the fellas forget past misdemeanors!!!

Curtise said...

I am another one who is happier watching hot air balloons than I would be actually travelling in one...
The banana muffins look delicious, I'm sure they will ensure that any mistakes are completely forgiven! xxx