Saturday, 8 February 2014

My morning routine has been interrupted by the weather

I get up at 6am (yes 6am) every morning.  I feed the animals (because Tex wakes me up by patting my face with his paw, he is starving!), make a hot earl grey for me, a coffee for TOF which I deliver back to him in bed, then I retrieve my morning paper and sit in the comfort of my old lazy boy chair and have an uninterrupted read.  I love this time of the morning because it is quiet and relaxing.  

But NOT this morning!! 

The fucktard that delivers my morning paper is incredibly lazy and obviously just threw it out the delivery vehicle window where it landed on my very wet driveway as it rained all night.  Even though it is in a sealed plastic bag it is not water proof!!  Seven hours later my paper is still sopping wet and unreadable.  It was much better when school kids on push bikes delivered the paper and placed it in the letterbox where it stayed dry.  My morning was out of sink after that.  

But I recovered and went out to collect a couple of purchases I had won off Trade Me.

One very cool plant stand ($20) for my deck and an old music suit case ($5) complete with old workbooks and music.  The plant stand has plants on it now and the case has numerous options for me.  While out I popped into an op shop and then Bin Inn where I got a Pig Ear each for the dogs, a bird feeder and wild seed mix to hang in the garden and a seed bell for George, my canary.

The dogs made short work of the pig ears.

Tex slept through everything.

And TOF baked his world famous cookies.

The weather is crap today, wet (off and on) and incredibly muggy so I guess I shall have to just find a good spot indoors to read the books Mrs Webber has loaned me.  Hopefully my morning paper will be dry enough to read by the evening, turning it into an evening paper and not a morning paper!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Well as long as it doesn't take till tomorrow to dry ... cause then It's just yesterday's news and quite, quite useless.

Sandra said...

Mrs Browns Boys! that is one funny show! used to be on as a live show for years in our city centre and I still didn't catch it until it was on the telly! I can't believe you get up so early, I have to be peeled out of bed but it is a bummer having your morning routine out with wet news - your trade me goodies are ace! my Nan used to eat pig trotters, actually I used to eat lamb hearts! x x x

pastcaring said...

Tex Love! He's a beauty.
Bugger to your wet paper but hurray for that fab plant stand and cookies! xx