Friday, 7 February 2014

One Red top covered in Black Spots!

And that is all I got!!

I picked up my lovely friend Rose just after 9am and off we ventured on a ticky tour of the op shops Hamilton has on offer.  It was such fun being out with someone who doesn't go to op shops and seeing what she managed to find.  And find Rose did!!  From memory, three dresses, a pair of shoes, a pair or 3/4 trousers, couple of tops, scarf, and a book, and spent under $40.  My friend has a lovely little size ten body so there was plenty of gorgeous things on offer for her.

I almost felt I should try to loose weight.

Seems far to hard a job for someone who isn't particularly interested in regular exercise and monitoring her daily intake of food.

I like achievable goals!!

I have decided to embrace my shape and be happy!!

I had grand plans to take a photo of every place we went to but my age and blondness kicked in and I forgot.  After ten op shops and a delightful lunch we were all done and dusted by 2pm.  Not a bad effort!

The weekend is now knocking on my door and the sky is decidedly glum, I say just get on with it and RAIN why don't you.

Have a fabulous weekend Bloggers!!

I am gonna get me a batman mask!!!
(actually I think I have one in my toy box)



Connie said...

Oh Suzy Q. I just love you. Age and blondness! Ha ha. I suffer from that, too!

Sandra said...

Quite right! embrace it you gorgeous woman! and you got a cardi, with dots too! (I saw one in the chazza's I didn't pick up, regret, regret!) I'm not blonde but I'm with you on the age/forgetful situation (if I lose something now, I look in the fridge) Have a wonderful weekend Batman! can I be Robin? but in non-chafing material! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Anything with polka dots is a sure fire winner with me :0)

Vix said...

It's like a fabric ladybird! What a fab find. xxx