Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sleeping in a box and a Pak n Save Virgin no more

Yesterday I was sorting things in the garage when I noticed old Texy boy wander slowly past me to a shaft of sunlight that was streaming into said Garage.  

He found the perfect place to rest.

Yes siree,
in a cardboard box!

Helgas box to be precise!!
(well the box she sent me a pile of goodies in!!)

I love how cats try to squeeze into the smallest container.
And succeed enough to sleep.

This morning the sky was beautiful.

Then the rain arrived, but not as much as the poor folk down in Christchurch, I feel for them.  Luckily here in HamilTron the sun arrived and dried up all the rain, so Incey Wincey Spider could do his thing with the drain! 

Today I had to go shopping for lunch room supplies and my work shops at Pak and slave, a place I have never been to.  They laughed when I said I had never been there, does this make me a supermarket snob?  Well as a Pak n Save Virgin off I went.  OMG there are no rules on traffic flow inside that place, it was basically a free for all, bit like dodgems.  So I have been, survived and no doubt will be back, but for work only.  TOF would die if we went shopping there.  

Yes we are supermarket snobs!!


Sandra said...

Tex looks so proud of his new place! my cats like a Primark brown paper bag that my Eldest leaves for them, and then fight over it! gorgeous pic of the morning sky! you made me laugh over your supermarket snobbery!! we have Aldi and Lidl, which I love but I like to go at quieter times, some of the shoppers/pensioners (yes!) are brutal! x x x

Vix said...

Typical cat! Polly Piglet would squeeze in a matchbox if she could. I love how proud of himself he looks! x

pastcaring said...

Oh gorgeous Tex, look at that face! Who wouldn't be attracted to Helga's box anyway?!
What a sky, beautiful. xxx

Helga! said...

Ooo, Tex knows the way to a gals heart!!! I am endlessly amused by cats and their box obsessions!!! Doesn't matter what size box I put down, Peepers will always try and get into it! The cuties!!!
Hilarious, I am a TOTAL Pak n Save snob!! I won't go there as I consider it to be low rent.........!!! I don't give a shit how cheap it is!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the look on Tex's face ... it's priceless.
I'm a supermarket snob too ... I just can't help myself.

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