Monday, 7 April 2014

Follow highway 23 to Raglan by the sea.

Today I took the drive to Raglan to catch up with a couple of friends that live out at the beach. One of the things I love about living in Hamilton is how close we are to lovely beaches on either coast. I headed straight to Diane's place as she like me doesn't work on Mondays.

The views from her upstairs deck are spectacular and it was rather pleasant sitting out there taking in all the beautiful clean sea air while basking in more glorious sunshine.  We headed to the dump and I checked out the dump shop while Diane unloaded her car of dump stuff.  From there we headed back into town and down to the wharf.

Fishing boats were tied up at the wharf, people were fishing and others were having lunch at what has to be a cafe with a fabulous view.

We had a look in the two shops that were open that are situated on the wharf, and looked through the window at this one which has recently moved there. Probably need to go back to have a good poke around in this one.  The red car doors we think may lead to a dressing room or office, hung like those western bar doors that swing.

Just some of the many sights we came across down this end of town.

 Up steep hills where glimpses of the ocean
can be caught through coastal trees.

So many cute colourful baches still surviving amongst the newer houses dotted all over the hills.  Give me one of these daggy baches any day!!

We parked at the end of a street and wandered down some man sized stairs to the back of the harbour.  Nestled amongst the trees was a lovely home that blended into the surroundings.  There was the tiniest picket fence that followed us down the stairs for part of the way.

Down on the beach we came across some boat sheds, how bloody gorgeous is the black with blue door one.  So quiet and lovely down here, but then it was time we climbed those stairs to continue on our way. We  had a lunch date after all.

We came across the best hedgehog letterbox and then realised there were more creations inside the property equally cool.

We went and collected Sharon from her work and went to the Harbour View Hotel for a spot of lunch as you do when you get together with the ladies!!  So old inside and I am seriously wanting to stay a night there now, the rooms upstairs have a balcony where you could watch the beach life pass you by.  The hotel is smack bang in the main street of the 'CBD' of Raglan, we even saw a meter maid chalking tyres!!  At the beach FFS!!!

We dined alfresco as it was so lovely and yes Sharon I know it isn't the best photo of you but suck it up darling, in my eyes you look great!!  What did we eat I hear you ask??  Well here it is.

From left to right, Steak and Bacon Burger pronounced as stakin-bakin-burga, Chicken Burger, and my Chicken Wrap.  All came with a healthy serving of FRYS! We drank water as Diane was driving, Sharon was working and I still had to drive home to Hamilton. 

This little bookshop I called Raglans answer to Spotlight as it has the dinkiest little haberdashery section. Spotlight if you don't know  is a supermarket sized Haberdashery shop in town.  With Sharon safely returned to work us two struggled to walk around the shops as we were so full of food we both thought we could explode all over the footpath at any moment.  Needless to say not one of us was planning on eating dinner tonight!!  I left Raglan after 3pm and had a sweet as drive home.  No hold ups or getting stuck behind those annoying turtle speed drivers like on my was out.

I stopped at Te Uku on my way home to take photos of the wind farm and show you all how dry the land is out there.  One day of rain doesn't solve the drought we are going through. Hopefully the prediction for more this week will come good, we certainly need it.

When you drive out of Raglan you go up and over some  hills know to everyone as the Deviation, the views either side of the road are brilliant, especially on a lovely clear day.  At the moment it is a combination of parched paddocks and forestry.  Once back in Hamilton I popped into the supermarket for ham and milk and remembered some biscuits we had at a friends place a while back with the best ever packaging.  Oh and the biscuits are pretty dam fine too.

Brilliant stuff, advertising genius at work for sure with a sense of humour.

Inside the lid and under the box!!

Turquoise and Chocolate Brown
my colour combination
for today.

This is a book cover,
true story.


Fiona said...

Sounds like a great day, what beautiful scenery.

pastcaring said...

What a lovely day! Friends, the sea, a pretty town, beautiful scenery, lunch, a spot of shopping - excellent! You look gorgeous in your polka dots too. xxx

Serenata said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day. Love the way you have done the photographs.

Vix said...

The best kind of day. Loving the ingenious use of those Fiat (?) doors! x

Connie said...

You look so pretty. Totally keeping up with the scenery. I want one of those Life Altering Cookies.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Sounds like you had another busy day … you must go to work for a rest ;0)

Goody said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Had a laugh at the biscuit box.

Beth Waltz said...

A lovely day, out and about!

Please translate: "daggy baches" from NZ into American English. One sees pretty beach cottages -- but a Welsh friend called rural outhouses "t'bachtes" ?!

peaches mcginty said...

Love the outfit! turquoise and blue is a fab combo and is gorgeous on you - the cookie packaging is ace! I like the 'bottom' bit hehe! - it was an epic day out, it looked brilliant, lovely ladies, lovely food and lovely views, the letter boxes are flaming brilliant! x x x