Friday, 4 April 2014

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain.....

After all the rain we had yesterday, which by the way was very welcome, we were back to sunshine and mild temperatures today.

Yesterday drains were blocked and doing wicked things like this!!

So many people were outside in the rain with rakes trying to get rid of all those autumn leaves that were clogging up the gutters and drains.  All good fun!!

I just hope it was enough rain for the farmers, and maybe if mother nature could organise it, maybe it could rain at night when everyone is indoors snoozing.  Just a thought.

So today, in the beautiful sunny weather, I went out to a few op shops and then to pick up a chair for my sewing room which is still in the boot of the car.  So no photo today.  I managed to find a few treats for myself and before you all go 'more shoes', well yes there is another pair, but when you see the suckers you so will understand.

Like OMG lime green with red spots!!!  Brand new and only three bucks, there was no way they were being left behind.  The top in the middle actually came in the post from a trade me purchase.  Huge table cloth in citrus colours, yummy little Scottish mohair scarf because Winter is going to turn up eventually and kick our sorry arse into reality.  The cardy of many colours is rather nice and going to be spectacular over something plain.

After my mini op shopping I collected my $5 funky old chair for my sewing room, the one that is still in the boot of my car, and then I went country.  Dawn had plenty of yum as things to take photos of.  More totem poles, bird baths, big jugs, and even a flying pig! She sent me home with the bell on the top right.

This afternoon I had a date with a gorgeous young family (a good friends daughter) to take photos for them as they are getting married soon and wanted something to go on their invitation. I think I took 40 odd in the end so plenty to choose from.

Such a lovely afternoon for photos on the river bank,
and such a beautiful, happy young family.

Have yourself a fabulous weekend!

PS: Thanks for all the compliments on the super duper fabulous sketch done by the Red Headed Angel of Oz, she is pretty clever!!


Fiona said...

Great buys, love the tablecloth and mohair scarf. Your photo's are fabulous.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ooohh ... I do like those photos ... excellent job.
Your portrait is on it's way to you right now ... I popped it in the post this morning :0)

Vix said...

I'm a sucker for those mohair scarves, one day I'll sew all mine together and make a poncho! Lovely couple photos, too! x

pastcaring said...

Love those shoes and the beautiful bright tablecloth! You are a really talented photographer, Sue, those pics of your friend's daughter and her family are really gorgeous. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Call me Imelda, but oh my goodness, Sue, I do envy you your shoes!