Thursday, 3 April 2014

It's raining, not cats and dogs or even men!

Go you good thing go!!
The farmers will be dancing in their paddocks!!

My garden sure is happy.

 How beautiful does everything look
when droplets of rain are left resting on them.

I wore a frock that can be
twirled in
and twirl I  did!

Glitter Jelly shoes,
Labradorite necklace,
faux black pearl ring,
all this just for the supermarket!!!

Both = $200
Groceries or cash?
Food might last a week at a push.
Give it a good nudge in a day!!

TOF and I have new slippers!
Tis a sign.
Winter will turn up eventually.
And as you all know
'Failing to prepare is preparing to fail'
so we shall have cosy  feet
because we are

The most gorgeous Red Headed Angel in Australia
called Jo
did this sketch of me
and she is going to send it to me!!
(if you do not follow her blog, it is time you did!!)

 Isn't Nature the best!!


pastcaring said...

What beautiful photos, Sue. And that's a great frock for singing and dancing in the rain!
Tell me about food shopping... You get a load in, and it disappears so quickly, it's ridiculous!
Jo's portarait is gorgeous, isn't she talented? xxx

Fiona said...

Love your rain soaked snaps and your clever is Jo ?

Kay said...

Fabulous portrait.. it really does look just like you!

Vix said...

You make rain almost an attractive prospect! love Jo's portrait! x

peaches mcginty said...

I love your frock and your shoes, I just love your gorgeous twirly dresses! and the pretty rain pics, I love warm rain, we all stand out in it and get soaked, I think it's good for the soul! and flaming food shopping, what's with the prices too? hehe, drives me crackers!
Jo's portrait of you is gorgeous, it's just perfect x x x

Connie said...

Hello Sue, I am delighted to meet you. I found you from a comment that you left on one of my sister blogger's sites. Your photography is wonderful; you certainly have an eye for the camera. Oh, and I love the red shoes. Red shoes are my favorite, I can not put on a pair and not do my happy dance. I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to follow me back.
Have a marvelous weekend, and never leave home without your camera . . . you rock!
Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

Beth Waltz said...

The portrait catches your intensely curious, gently amused but ready to laugh, all-too-experienced but still pleased to encounter new people and situations expression.

These photos are worthy of that calendar you mentioned as a project, as is that charming view of the "winter-is-coming-feet-get-ready" slippers!