Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My weekend starts NOW!

This week I have worked Monday to today, instead of Tuesday to Thursday.  End of month/beginning of month accounts and stuff so swapped my days.  So now I have the next five glorious days away from work.   What to do????  Plenty of whatever floats my boat I'de say!!  Especially as the weather is still so nice.

Today I wore to work an old favourite combination of layering with a pair of ultra comfortable pair of Birkenstock sandals.  Like wearing slippers it was!!  Dug out my spoon necklace and a big arse ring! 

Another super afternoon to kick back in the back yard with my animal buddies.  We had huge fluffy clouds to gaze at today while lying on the lawn in the sunshine.  Could have just gone to sleep.

When is a ball no longer a ball?
For Sheba, a ball is a ball
until it is all gone!

Even the girls were enjoying the afternoon sunshine.
Thanks for the eggs!!

Today is nearly behind us,
and tomorrow is on it's way.

See ya!!


pastcaring said...

Five days off for relaxing, how delicious! Gorgeous critters, as always, and I love your ring and spoon necklace. xxx

peaches mcginty said...

OMG! I have been lamenting over my boobs this week, it's like they have given up haha! enjoy your fabulous 5 days off, how blooming brilliant! you are completely gorgeous, I love your hair, outfit, everything! Love Sheba and her ball too - and what is it with cat's and bums! Whiskers is always showing me his bum! x x x

Vix said...

Have a great 5 days off! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Birkenstocks pretty enough to wear with a dress?! Good Gad, woman, you are truly the Shoe Sleuth of New Zealand!

Would like to second the preceeding comment about cats' bottoms. And add, what is it about cats parking those bottoms on whatever one is reading?

Angels have Red Hair said...

Buster has a ball that looks just like that one … and it's still his favourite toy.
Enjoy your extra, extra long weekend.

Goody said...

Birkenstocks have changed quite a bit from how I remember them-now those, I'd wear.

I like the spoon necklace-I've never seen one. Rings, yes but never a necklace. Very pretty.

Enjoy your time off-the weather looks lovely where you're at.