Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday is my day

Sure bloody did, and it has been a pretty productive day.

I enjoyed reading my morning paper in bed this morning and drinking a nice cup of earl grey while the rest of the world was busy heading off to school and work.  I know this because I live next to a school and I could hear the suckers outside !!  When I finally got my act together and got up, dressed and fed, I went on my merry way to check out a few op shops.

We could call this Frugal Friday because I was having a $1-$2 day every where I seemed to go. I love days like that, lovely doilies, daisy braid, another pin cushion, sweet plate and a lego man key ring!!

$2 sheets in Pink, sheer black spot  shrug, and very cool $1.50 crocheted scarf.  Even got me a set of bed ends that I am going to get my Jak to help me make into a small couch, but they were $20 and still in the car.

I arrived home to find another of my photo books had arrived to join the one that arrived on Wednesday.  I have four in total but plan on doing some more as the special offers get rolled out.

Top book is from my summer get away at Whangamata when I stayed with my mate and her daughter for four days.  The bottom book is on this years Beach Hop at the same place.  These are seriously good fun to make!!

 After lunch I was true to my word and I cleaned the house.

I owe an apology to all the Spiders
that have been living in my house for quite sometime.

Generations of the same families
have been sucked up my vacuum cleaner
By the time TOF arrived home the house was looking sharp, well sharp for me.  There were my French Vanilla candles burning and the windows and doors were opened wide to circulate some fresh air.  I love doing that!! Jak noticed that the house was tidy, and there I was thinking it would go un noticed.

 He returned to the bosom of his family armed with gifts!!

Oh yeah he spoils us rotten with freebies from the motel. This is his normal thing he does when he goes away with work.  Sometimes we even get beauty products and stationery.  I know!!  Too much!! Our family joke you see.

Sheba is beside herself that daddy is home, she has followed him everywhere since he got in the door.  

Poor man couldn't even turn the gas heater on without her trying to sneak in for another cuddle.  I think he is glad to be home, but very tired from a days worth of driving.  Both the boys were here for dinner and a catch up, so it has been nice.

I picked up these brand new tea towels today from an auction I won on trade me.  Mr 4 Square may well end up as a panel on the front of a skirt while the other one may get attached to a canvas as a bit of art.  Today while out opping  a lady scored the best ever set of curtains with ballerinas on that she told me she was going to be making into a dress.  Curtain Couture in the Waikato!!  Wish I had seen them first, they were absolutely gorgeous and only $5!!



Julie said...

Happy Friday Sue ... glad your TOF arrived home okay. Love your Op Shop bargains, especially the doilies - Oh & the trademe teatowels. Am glad to hear of the curtain couture right here in the Waikato :-) Wishing you a great weekend.

Fiona said...

Great finds, loving the sheet and crocheted scarf. Love photo books , great way to preserve treasured memories. X

Vix said...

Fab finds and glad to see that your man is back home safely! Have a fab weekend! x

Connie said...

I'd say that every day is a Sue day. Though I'm pretty sure that the spiders don't feel that way. Love the photo of the bird on the street light. Oh to be a bird on a street light.....

peaches mcginty said...

Op shop bonanza of fabulous-ness! the sheer bolero is beautiful and the crochet scarf, can't wait to see them on you! the bed ends sound so cool too - good to see TOF home, Sheba looks so happy and the freebies! oh we love us some freebies too! have an awesome weekend x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Sheba's happy now ... she's probably been thinking you left TOF behind somewhere all this time.
Great finds ... I feel like I'm always saying that ... but that's because you ALWAYS have such great finds.

Goody said...

The photo books are a great idea (I'd never seen them before). I think there's one (or several) in my future. Thanks for pointing them out (I'd have never known they existed).

That shrug is you.

Shawna McComber said...

Oh that is so sweet how Sheba needs to cuddle with her daddy. I'm happy for you that you have him safely home for a little while. I am also very intrigued with these photo books. What a cool idea!