Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thank God It's Thursday or teegee-eye-tee!!!

I am pleased to report that today has been a cock up and accident free day!

The weather at the moment is still quite mild during the day, so full on Winter dressing still isn't happening for me.  I have plenty of lovely light pieces that I can layer up, I have unearthed my full length leggings and started to drag out my boots. There is quite a collection of winter footwear, that I am sure will get added to during the season.

Todays boots were these red beauties (Hispanitas - Spanish), short ankle boots that are so soft and comfortable and not too plain!! Perfect for walking to the post office to collect the mail for work.  I rather enjoy my daily wander to collect the mail.

So what do you think of these gloves??

I need gloves in the morning now as my poor old hands need to be kept warm.  I have a bit of the old arthritis in both of them and refuse to take anti inflam pills, so it is gloves for me.  I have succumbed to purchasing an osteo arthritis cream from the chemist which is helping to dull the continual aching.  Hey, I am lucky, I only have it in my hands, could be a whole lot worse.

Pleased to see that a couple of my girls are still laying!!

TOF gets home tomorrow so I shall tidy the house and get ready for his return.  Guessing he is going to be tired as it is about a 6 hour drive.  But the lads and I think we will take him down to our local pub for a drink, maybe some dinner, and a few games of pool.  We have him home for a week then he's off again for another month.  The dogs are going to be so funny when dad arrives home, hope he will be prepared to be bowled over and licked by the pets!!

Tex will be too cool
and give him a nudge when he feels like it.

Then probably sleep
on his pillow and purr all night!!!


Leeanne said...

Love the outfit!

Angels have Red Hair said...

You should video the TOF/puppy reunion. Those pet/owner reunion videos on Youtube have me sobbing every time I watch them … I just love how dogs adore you and aren't afraid to show it.

pastcaring said...

Love those little boots, aren't they fab? You look gorgeous on red, Sue, TOF will be so delighted to see you, he won't notice whether the house is tidy or not!
Have a great weekend. xxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Those gloves could probably cure the plague with their doppler drops of energy!

I do sympathize about your aching hands. Me, too -- and I appy blue emu cream for relief. Is this Kiwi potion actually used in NZ?

Wonderful booties!

Shawna McComber said...

Awww TOF will love all the purrs and nudges and licks and then after you're finished with him the animals will show their affection too!

Love your outfit and those boots!!!! Oh oh oh they are awesome.

Vix said...

Gorgeous colour combo and fab boots! I could do with some pants like your gloves, they might stop the arthritis crippling my hips when the weather's damp and cold! xxx

Helga said...

My Mama had arthritis in her wrists, so she just knitted constantly...!!!
Pleased to hear there were no cock ups or accidents. Plenty of time for those today!!! (uh-oh!)
Love the boots, so cute, and the GLOVES! Woof!

peaches mcginty said...

Oohh I adore your petticoats, and your shoes and everything and your hair! and your gloves! yay for TOF's return too, sod the cleaning, he will be chuffed to see you all, have an amazing week with your TOF! and a great weekend too x x x

Goody said...

My hands look like your gloves at the moment! (Some sort of allergic spots all down the hands and arms). I'd rather have the gloves-they're more fashionable.

I hope you have a great week with TOF at home. That has to be hard being apart, for both of you.