Sunday, 25 May 2014

Weekend with TOF!!

Lets start with someone who is unbelievably stoked that TOF is home.

On Friday she followed him everywhere he went, so close that if he stopped she would have gone right up his @%#!!  Then she thought she would sleep in between us that night! By Saturday she had calmed down enough that he could go out the door without her acting like he was leaving.  
So we went out!!

TOF and I went to our local Museum to check out the 'Roman Machines' exhibition that has been on for a while, in fact it has been extended.  Where we parked there were these huge plywood fish boards, I rather liked them.

Unfortunately taking photos in the museum is a huge NO NO, so is touching!  I find both of these annoying because I like to TOUCH and take Photos.  The Roman Machines was really good, interesting and good for a bloke to view.  Then he obligingly looked at a couple of other ones with me. 'With Bold Needle & Thread' was just gorgeous. A vintage collection of needle worked  things like aprons, bags, table clothes, tea cosies and other yum as things.  There is a book of the same name but too expensive for me, so one day I may score a copy at a book fare or at an op shop for my kinda price.  There was a black and white photography exhibition taken in 1957 at a childrens Fancy Dress Ball. Wish I could have taken photos of them to share with you all, so cute and funny. In fact one of the photos was similar to one of TOFs dress up ones when he was young, as a cowboy of course but back in Ireland.  We also checked out a Contemporary Ceramics exhibition, nice but I think I prefer the colour and quirkiness of what my friend Dawn makes.  There was a Painting Exhibition called 'Stations of the Cross' a religious themed one that TOF noted was a 'crock of shit'!!

I like our main street in town, it has Trees and plants down a fare chunk of it in the middle.  Well the part of town that is full of old buildings that are mainly pubs, clubs, and restaurants. Fun end of town at night, even if you just want to people watch!!

Today, well this morning we decided we would head out to Raglan and catch up with some friends out there (and check out their new boat).

The rivers are full, the paddocks are green and the trees are all changing colour.  
Such a lovely time of the year to drive in the country.

This is the view going down their road, not bad huh.  You turn left and go up a steep drive to their house, and guess what, NO ONE WAS HOME!!  We had morning tea too!!  Well actually Diane was home but she didn't hear us knock so we left to go for a drive out round the bays. Next time we promise to phone first as cell phone coverage was crappy today. 

PS: The boat according to TOF is perfect!!

Whale bay was lovely, only one brave soul out surfing this morning.  
When the tide is low there is loads of rocks to walk on, but we didn't today, looked a bit slippery.

This house is for sale. 

Wonder if my chickens would like to live coastal?
The dogs would love it!!
We might need to win a big amount of money for this tho'.

But look at the view!!

Yeah, pretty good spot on the coast!!

The rugged west coast has spectacular views.  
These are taken from a parking area between Whale Bay and Manu Bay.

Manu bay surf today, sloppy I think.  

Raglan is world famous for having one of the best left hand breaks for surfers to enjoy.  The place is full of foreigners, young surfing dudes and dudettes. But none out in the water today.

Of course we did our regular stop down at the wharf, 
nice little walk on the wharf is always a nice thing to do. 

We bought coffee to go, well Mocha for me and sat at a table and ate the Danish Pastries we had bought out with us.  Of course we were joined by seagulls.

Big old trees with twisting limbs are dotted along the harbour edge. And there were DUCKS in the ocean!!  

Clever Ducks having a seaside break during Duck Shooting Season.

 This gull was lovely.

Yeah we had Raglan roast in the sun down by the water. 

Short sleeves in May! 

Unbelievably lovely warm day at the beach. 

Thanks Raglan, you were great!

This afternoon we visited Max our eldest at his flat, I love the dog that lives there, Brown is his name, and he loves me back.  He looks scary but he is such a big old poof when you get to know him.  These photos I took when I had put him on his chain as Max decided to come back to our place.

We have just had a divine dinner of Chicken and roasted veges that I have washed down with a nice glass of vino.  

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend.

Now go and have a good week!!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Looks like you've had a great weekend. New Zealand must be enjoying the same balmy weather we are … long may it continue.

Leeanne said...

Everyone looks like they are happy to have the man about the house back. Isn't Raglan a lovely place.
happy week to you.No doubt you will do a spot of OpShopping!

Fiona said...

You have some lovely unspoilt coastline in NZ. We had ducks in our swimming pool in Spain last week!!

Beth Waltz said...

What a wonderful celebration of TOF's homecoming!

I'd love to give Brown a nice head rub or back skritch -- and I'd love to place the little terra cotta sprites in my garden.

Ah, the sound of the waves and the birds....*sigh*

pastcaring said...

Welcome home, Mr TOF! Why weren't you following him around like Sheba?! What a lovely weekend, the coastline and sea are beautiful, you live in a lovely part of the world. xxx

Julie said...

Sounds like a great weekend all round Sue. So glad you got to see the Rosemary McLeod exhibition at last :-) Loving the dog pics ... isnt Raglan such a neat place to visit. And I just ADORE your little pic at the end about the weekend being over ... think I shall print that off for my noticeboard. Have a great week x0x

Shawna McComber said...

It's such a beautiful place! I heart the west coast where I live and it looks like I heart it where you live too! I'm glad you had a lovely outing with TOF and very sad you did not win a lottery and buy that house. I was planning to come and stay there with you.

Helga said...

How bloody gloriarse to have such a splendid weekend with TOF!!! G and I managed a lovely cosey one, not as exciting as yours, but we enjoyed it!
Sure, the chooks would LOVE to live coastal!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I truly MUST visit New Zealand. You and Peter Jackson have convinced me!

Wee Wendy said...

What a great post! I love your pics, you live in a really lovely part of the world, and I have to say that your selfie is waaaay nicer than mine! X