Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What happened on Woo Hoo Wednesday?

I got to wear my Purple boots!!

I had total wave envy going on!!

And I was in a car accident in the work car!!

I know, that is a lot of shit and that was only the first half of the day! 

Ok so before you panic, it was raining today and a dude braked and smacked into the arse end of the work wagon.  As luck would have it the newly fitted tow bar saved any damage to the wagon but did some stuff on the dudes car.  He was really lovely, worried about the brightly coloured old bird he had run into.  Trust me I am fine, the work car is all good, and that is that.

Woo Hoo for tow bars!!

This afternoon I went to pick up a couple of auctions I had won on trade me.  A lovely elderly couple were moving house and selling off their plants.  These three huge hanging baskets full of Ivy Geraniums in different colours were $5 each.  They are magnificent and will get hung in the trees out the back.

I also got a  gorgeous white climbing rose in a huge Yellow pottery pot for $30, and it was so heavy that I had to wait for Jak to get home from work to lift it out of my car.  I plan on putting it out the back in the garden down by the chicken pen.  It can grow with the Jasmine all over the fence. 

Now that is a Woo Hoo moment,
bargain plants!!

I called in at Habitat en route back home and found a duck each for the dogs, except Oscar couldn't decide if he wanted the little green one or the big yellow one. Or both!!

Sheba intervened in way of a tug o war and has now began her destuffication program on the large yellow duck.

A Woo Hoo moment for the dogs!!

Tex had his own Woo Hoo moment as he managed to get through the dog door.  Now most dog doors are not just a big hole in the glass panel, but Sheba has buggered a couple of the dog doors in her frantic desire to be first out the door every time.  This sort of behavior breaks dog doors, but thankfully not the toughened glass. I have given up and just block it up at night to stop the uninvited  visitors coming on in.

Woo Hoo Tex!!! 

Then a photo of my absolutely gorgeous Fairy God Daughter in a modelling gig appeared on face book.  I asked her if I could share it with you all as she is far to gorgeous to be only on face book.  She said why not! Why not indeed!!

Woo Hoo for hot looking Fairy God Daughters!!

And we all need a good laugh on a 
Woo Hoo



Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for beginning my gray day in the USA with so many Woo Hoo! moments. Now, if I had those purple boots in my wardrobe, I wouldn't mind the clouds...

Hooray for tow bars, indeed. So glad you and the work wagon escaped unscathed!

peaches mcginty said...

Hurrah for tow bars and thank goodness you are ok! I have total wave envy over your hair, it's gorgeous!! and your outfit, and your awesome purple boots! your God-Daughter is beautiful, and a natural!
LOVE the last pic, I love woo-hoo wednesday! x x x

pastcaring said...

Glad both you and the work wagon were unscathed by the bump. Love the waves and the awesome purple boots! The plants were a great buy, and isn't your god-daughter beautiful? Woo hoo indeed! xxx

Vix said...

Thank goodness you're okay, must be the power of purple boots and awesome waves! Your God daughter is gorgeous. xxx

Helga said...

Woo hoo Tex, funky pruple boots and to not getting ones gloriarse self injured after a rogering up the ass! Indeed, tow bars can stave off some ass pain.
Wave and boot envy, I have it! XXXXXXXXXX

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hooray for woo hoo Wednesday ... now you have to top it with fabulous Thursday.

Shawna McComber said...

That is a Woo Hoo Wednesday indeed! I'm so glad the colourful old bird is fine. She looks great! What a fantastic plant haul. I love ivy geraniums and they will look so gorgeous hanging in the trees. My dog always began immediate defluffification on those ducks too. All toys were disemboweled right away.
Fairy God Daughter is stunning!

Kristen Foster said...

I'm glad you're fine! The accident could've been more worse and you could've been seriously hurt. I'm at least relieved that the guy was nice enough and did not jerk about the whole thing. I can only imagine how much damage his car had gotten. It was his bad, but some people do hate admitting their mistakes. Glad he's not one of those guys. Anyway, your pets look so adorable. Sheba and Tex have such great fur. I can tell how well you take care of them just by looking at them! :)

Kristen Foster @ Rivas Law Group