Friday, 30 May 2014

If you were with us today you would have been in a Sue sandwich!

Yes indeedy
today was a SuesDay
and you know how much
me and the other Sue
love a SuesDay!!

Anyone is welcome to join us
but you may well have to change your name
just for the day!!
(make sure you have changes for the parking meters!!)

I did pretty well today and we had a great day out.  The oak tea wagon has a tray that slides out from under the top shelf, $45 and in very good nick. The roosters plates were too gorgeous to leave behind, the bright one is a Splashy plate which is a business out Horotiu and pricey so $5 was a bargain.  Love my plastic bangle all pink and flowers $3.  There is a long tale that goes with the tea cosy but that will have to wait until another day, "what?". Oh $2 for that. Now as for the fur stole I couldn't believe it was only $7, so going to wear this on cold days.

This van caught my eye, well the art work on it did.  
Parked outside one of the backpackers places in the main street.

Two fabulous hats that will soon be winging their way to the very lovely Helga.
I discovered the most beautifully embroidered table cloth and vintage sheet in St Vinnies, one of my favourite places to call in on.

Mambo T-shirt that was too small
for anyone in my house
so a photo was enough for me.

Good old Mambo clothing
with their poo-shooting dogs!
And toilet humor.

After a very nice lunch at Lola's, we went to another four places then back to mine for a cuppa.  Forgot to get a photo of both Sues but I took some of me before it started to rain and go all cold.  Black leggings and t-shirt under summer patchwork dress with Fuchsia Pink jacket and black Koru ankle boots. No wave envy today, but a relaxed and happy smile for yet another fun day out with my Sue.  Hopefully she will blog later on today so you may be able to check out her view of the day here.



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A great day, not long been home, got chinwagging with the Happy Hookers :D Just about to blog now x

Goody said...

Looks like you had an excellent Suesady. You'll have to hide the stole from your pets lest they become jealous.

The tea cart is quite nice. They have so much potential beyond entertaining.

Shawna McComber said...

Suesday looks like loads of fun. What great finds! I love the oak te cart and would love to find something similar. I also like how the art on the van is a cottage and not a semi naked woman as is usually painted on vans.

pastcaring said...

I've got a day out with a pal planned for tomorrow, they're the best sort of days! You look so colourful and relaxed, Sue, and your finds are fabulous - love the trolley, and I think I'd be running up a frock out of that sheet! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hooray for Suesday!!!

Beth Waltz said...

A good giggle with a girlfriend whilst hunting and gathering in the shops is a perfect way to spend a drizzly day!

The tea cart is a prize! Will watch for the tea cozy story...

Julie said...

Oh I would love to have been in a Sue sandwich ... sounds like you both had a great day out & looks like you got some real bargains there too. I think that teawagon is the bargain of the year Sue!!!! They are so useful for lots of things - I had one for a bedside table for awhile. Loved the new chookies in your last post too ... happy long weekend to you, Julie x0x (p.s loving all your boot collection too)

Leeanne said...

I'm with Julie.....I can be Sue too! looks like a fabulous time!

Helga said...

Huzzah! I love a Suesday!
that stole is to DIE for, what a great deal! You gals find all the best stuff, dammit! The eagle eye times two!