Monday, 12 May 2014

Lets play catch up, it's been a couple of days!!

Friday night we played with my birthday present
the Instax camera!

TOF told me to buy myself something
for my birthday.

So on Saturday I had a spend
The Body Shop.

I smell fabulous now!!

I also bought myself a present or two.

Saturday night I had a paid job of taking photos at a 21st birthday party.

Next thing you know
it was

Oscar and I spent most of the day
bugger all!!

It was great too.

My lovely friend Lou-lou-belle
and her beautiful
Miss P visited in the afternoon
gave me this fabulous
Vintage Basket
for my Birthday.

Jak bought us Pizza for our dinner
it went quite nice with my wine.

Happy MoFo day to me!

Here we are on Monday!

I  made the most of the nice weather
and filled my line with washing.

My gorgeous girl Sheba has had a quiet day after her action packed weekend.  She stayed at my eldest sons flat for the weekend and went out Duck shooting with the lads on Sunday.  Her first time and she really loved it, she is still tired from her big adventure, but keen to go again.

Oscar had a haircut, well I played hairdresser with a pair of scissors.  I remember cutting all my dolls hair and being bummed because it never grew back.  But now I have a small dog!! He just needs a manicure and his poof and a pamper will be complete.

My darling old Tex has been off his food for the last three days.

He has plenty of reserve to live off so I am not too concerned at this stage.

He is getting on in the age stakes so who knows what is going on.

He is still drinking, and peeing, and purring.

Today I went and got him some small tins of soft cat food to try and tempt him with.

Hopefully he will be back to his normal good self soon.

I am not ready to let him go.

George has spent most of the day singing his little heart out.

Believe it or not, he is a Canary!!

The wildlife always end up on the deck checking him out, they join in on the singing.

Oh and I have been slightly bad and purchased this lens for my camera.  On my wish list is a Macro lens and a Speed light Flash.

 I had a play this afternoon.

I even caught up with an old friend
and her gorgeous daughters
and her cute as grandchildren.

Now I have the heater on and about to put the jug on the boil.
Thinking it is time for a cuppa.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
like I did.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Let me know how you get on with the lens, I think that is the one I'm after :D

Leeanne said...

Oh dear reading your part about cutting your dolls hair, sent me down memory lane, I did the same! I even drew a mustache on one of my dolls because i needed my barbie to have boyfriend!
sounds like a pretty good birthday you had!

Vix said...

Hope Tex is better soon, animals are such a worry, aren't they?
Sheba's quite the grown-up off having a weekend with the lads and oscar looks smashing after his haircut.
Jewellery, The Body Shop, pizza and wine - sounds like a perfect weekend. xxxx

pastcaring said...

Now I like the idea of being given some cash and told to go and spend! Smellies and jewellery, the perfect gifts!
Gorgeous pics (of COURSE you needed a new lens!) and I do hope darling Tex is feeling a bit more chipper soon, He's my favourite (just don't tell the others...) xxx

Wendy Rayner said...

Hope you had a lovely Birthday,Pics lovely as usual.and Sheba oscar & tex.gorgeous X

Angels have Red Hair said...

Righto then ... I've just been googling Speedlight flashes and have decided I need one too ;0)
I wonder what else I need.
Sounds like you had a lovely birthday weekend and I do hope Tex is on the improve.

Goody said...

That's a great three-generation photo of your friend and her family. So hard to get a group (with babies) to all look normal at once.

Oscar looks all spiffy. I never could cut our poodle's hair without him looking like some sort of punk rocker.

Shawna McComber said...

I just love all your photos! Your new camera is so cool and I love your new jewelry too! I hope Max likes his soft food. All your animals looks so sweet and I am envious. I would love to be surrounded by animals but I can't manage that so I will just enjoy the pictures of yours.

Julie said...

Oh my - that vintage basket - be still my beating heart :-)
If it goes missing, it may well be at my house!!! I am so glad you love vintage like I do.
I loved the pic of your older dog - she looks just beautiful. Havent the days been lovely lately here in the Waikato. Julie :-)

peaches mcginty said...

You have been so busy! Mothers Day and Birthdays and a wedding! good job you had a chill out on Sunday, your prezzies are all fab! I hope Tex has perked up x x x