Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So I have been to court today and I won!

That's sounds good doesn't it!  

TOF got called up for Jury Service and he took the paper work to his work so they could write a letter to apply to have him excused with him going to be away and all.  Except the numb nut office manager thinks she shredded it!!  Which meant with him away I had to phone and email to get more paper work sent out.  I collected the letter from his work today as I didn't trust them to get it posted in time, which would result in him being arrested.  BUT that would have been one way to get him home!!  Anyways, I toddled off to the court house after work and all is well and everything should be fine.  The nice woman at the counter even popped it in one of their envelopes and put it in their mail bag. That is service!!

Oh yeah
Wife of the year 2014
in the bag!! 

With that all sorted I made it home in time for my new washing machine to be installed.  Whizz bang!! The old one is going to go flatting.  After a fast lunch I went over the road to my local Salvation Army Op Shop. 

The unfinished quilt was only $6, I am still debating as to whether I will finish it or pass it on.  The BIG AS MOFO brooch was $6, impressive bugger!  Then half a dozen NZ Gardener Magazines at 50 cents each.  From there I went to the postal shop and got some parcel bags as two of my blogging goddesses are going to be getting a parcel from me very soon.  I have been stashing for a while so it is time to POST - tomorrow!!

Now Spotlight (haberdashery type of store) is also across the road from me.  They had some thingymajiggaroos on sale.  Knitting loom thingy in four sizes, a round flower making knitting thingy, and Pom Pom loom in three sizes.  Pom Pom mania is going to strike very very soon, possibly tonight!  I do have a draw full of wool to play with, and no TOF in the house.  Thinking scarf with big pom poms on it, hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!  Watch this space.

Close up of some of the panels on the quilt.  Should I keep it and have a crack at trying to finish it?  I do like the colours in it, and if I don't pass it on to Sue W I am sure she would guide me through the process of finishing it. I could join those crafty woman of Karakariki in the BARN!

Well Bloggers, gotta go, have a Bacon and Egg, Feta and Tomato Filo Pastry pie on the cook and I am ready for my dinner, and two hungry sons have arrived home from work.


peaches mcginty said...

You are Wife of the Year! phew! good job you sorted it all out, we can't have TOF arrested! new washing machine though! fabulous stuff! my washing machine and tumble dryer have both had a moment, washer is resurrected, thank feck - your brooch is swoonsome, big is better! and pom-pom away, life is good when be-decked in pom-poms, hope you enjoyed your dinner, sounds delish! x x x

Beth Waltz said...

About Tex -- delighted the old fellow's plumbing is working well. Might one suggest having his teeth checked? Just went through this with one of mine...

Keep the quilt! The colors are exactly what you'll want to be working on when foul weather arrives.

Vix said...

Delighted Tex is doing okay! you are Wife of the year, aren't you?
A pom pom loom? I'm amazed, you know I love a pom pom. Loving the bastard massive brooch, too! x

pastcaring said...

You certainly are a Very Good Wife, well done you! And now you can cover the house - and TOF when he gets back - in pom poms! You could eat your dinner of that brooch, it's bloody huge! xxxx

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lots of good finds for you, the quilt looks lovely! Lovely blog :)

Angels have Red Hair said...

Woo hoo ... Wife of the Year goes to ... Sue.
For her heroic actions in saving TOF from a life of incarceration ... showing exemplary bargain hunting skills ... and knowing that every household needs pom poms.

Connie said...

TOF is a very lucky man. VERY lucky. You have beauty brains and TCB!!!! Pom poms are the THING!!!