Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Monday is your Tuesday ok!!

Today always feels like Monday for me as I work Tuesday to Thursday, and Thursday ends up feeling like Friday.  So when I say to people on Tuesday (my Monday) how was your weekend they look at me like I am a day late, which of course I guess I am.  When I say have a good weekend on Thursday (my Friday) I usually get odd looks like I am losing my mind, which is quite possible.  Anyway, as today was the beginning of my working week I decided I would take my NEW BAG on an outing!!

I totally love it!!
Thanks again to the very lovely Julie.

 The bag had the company of my
Gumball socks from the gorgeous Goody
A 'massive bastard' amount of Indian bracelets
(saying borrowed from Vix)
and a new to me apple green
slip dress.
(I confess to having bought it and another one in Purple off trademe, 2nd hand tho')

I managed to slip in a quick and productive visit to the Salvo in town on my way home from work.  Major score on lovely sheets, all in pairs and with prices from $1.50 - $2.50 a sheet they were destined to come home with me. But I really must put a stop on buying anymore as I have an embarrassing amount of them now that need to get sewn into fabulous things.

When ever I get home from being out
I usually find these two here on my bed just like this.

And this is Sheba's response
'what are you doing on my bed?'.

What ever happened to those dear little boys
of mine.

I wonder if they would reenact
the Christmas photos?

So I bumped into a woman who I have not seen for a considerable amount of years today, and I said 'are you....' and she's like 'yes which one are you' I am used to this being one of three girls.  Then she says 'oh I didn't recognise you at first, you have filled out'.  I thought she had filled out too but she is still SKINNY (no kids or husband) and I just don't go there with the things I think.  I have laughed about 'filling out' all afternoon.  This is a far nicer way to deliver the news that someone has gained weight don't you think!!  Trust me I was not at all offended, I just loved her choice of words.

My answer, black and white photos.  
These make you look less filled out than colour,
I guess this is why so many people dress in BLACK top to toe.


Leeanne said...

What a magic post Sue! Such words of wisdom.
Did your new fab bag likes it's outing?

Julie said...

Your new bag looks great with your amazing outfit Sue. I agree with Leeanne - words of wisdom from Marilyn Monroe. But that black & white photo of you is fantastic I have to say.

Vix said...

What a fab outfit what with the bastard bangles and gobstopper socks. The new bag rocks as do all your bright colours.
The dogs look very comfy.
What a strange thing to say. Surely most people would comment on your killer style rather than your figure. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

As a person who has also 'filled out' over the decades (please allow me to share this new code phrase with my sister crones), I say huzzah! to the blended colors and patterns of today's ensemble.

The bag is a marvel, but the necklace makes the balance work!

Goody said...

I'd have dramatically grabbed hold of my knockers before asking, "Really, you think so?"

I hope you have the baby photos in full view when the boys bring home dates-they're great.

Green and purple are neutrals-so you *had* to get both.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well I guess it was a nicer way to say it ... but really? ... why say it at all?
Did she think you were under the impression you still looked like a teenager and she had to set you right??
How very, very odd.
But people will say the oddest things and state the obvious at times. I remember being served in a department store and the woman serving me said "well look at you ... look at all your freckles ... you've got thousands of them" !!??!!

Shawna McComber said...

She was apparently absent on the day they taught that lesson: if you can't say anything nice.... good grief! Oh well, she was most likely jealous of your awesome clothes and hair and THAT bag!

Yes, yes DO convince the boys to reenact those Christmas photos!

Connie said...

Oh yes. We take those funny pictures of our babies so we can embarrass them later. It's so much fun. Oh my. Your green apple under skirt. So cute!

Weekend-Windup said...

You look beautiful in this outfit. Your new bag looks nice!