Wednesday, 18 June 2014

That middle of the week feeling..... being half way there!!

Well it is Wednesday after all,
and the middle of my little working week.

So we do have something in common
Wednesday really is Wednesday.

Obviously this conversation
follows on from yesterdays post.

Keep up people!!!

Today I wore a dress I wore during summer, with a long sleeved top under it and a velvet jacket on top.  I love clothes that can be worn all year round, my favourite kind!!
Jacket off to reveal that dress!!

Good Winter colours
to wear what ever you want
under and over it.
And an old favourite necklace
got an outing.

Ballet flats with black lace sockets
getting amongst the
dead leaves!

Work was work.
But after work was play time.
I went to Dawns.

Lots of gorgeous little houses
with colourful roofs
that just make you want to say

I could not pick a favourite
as they are all

More Face Pots
but these ones have Mokos on their chins.
(FYI: Moko is a traditional Maori tattoo for all you non  New Zealanders)
Look at the shelf
loaded with houses.

Webb and Milly were in there area today
and not happy.

Trust me to have Purple flowers
growing in my garden.

Mostly self sown
that is how I garden!!

Hope you have all had a tickety-boo week so far.

Half way to go
Half way gone? 


Beth Waltz said...

The lacy leaves of your stockings photographed against the lace-like remains of leaves ... it's a haiku of 1,000 words!

Vix said...

That velvet bodiced dress of yours is a beauty and I love Dawn's creations very much!
I don't have weekends! xxx

Vix said...

That velvet bodiced dress of yours is a beauty and I love Dawn's creations very much!
I don't have weekends! xxx

Fiona said...

Loving your dress (it looks so warm worn that way) and the necklace is ace too. x

Fiona said...
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peaches mcginty said...

Hello Gorgeous! I have spent lovely time enjoying your awesome outfits! I love the one's you wear all year round too (actually, that's basically my wardrobe haha!) your maxi is gorgeous, the jewel teal colour is beautiful on you and I love your lace sockets - Dawn has been busy! she is one talented lady! x x x

Shawna McComber said...

Damn blogger ate my comment. Summary Below

YOU= gogeous
Dress= me envious
Purple flowers= YES!
Houses= I Want!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hurrah ... We made it through hump day. I love your winter layering ... wearing a dress all year round is just utilising it to its full potential :0)

Connie said...

Oh those are cute little houses. And I love you in your crushed velvet. I think when it starts turning wintery around here I will have to COPY your look! So modern hippie!