Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TOF is off again!

Yeah we have had him home for nearly two weeks and now he has to go back up North for another 4-5 weeks.  

So we went out for dinner tonight, as in see ya later TOF!!

Two beers and it looks like I could be anyones!!

My charming lads!!

We had a fabulous little meal and a couple of beerzies each and plenty of laughs.  We also toasted a friend that died suddenly today, only 46, far too young.  Looks like I have to represent the family at the funeral seen as TOF is leaving tomorrow.

Now this post is some what back to front, but I am sure you will all cope.

TOF had two teeth  pulled out this morning so he had the day off work.  Our standing joke is that he at least has six good teeth left!!  He rang me at work this after the double extraction but I couldn't for the life of me understand a word of what he was saying, apparently it was the cost and that he needed panadol!!  So after work I bought the required drugs and came home to my gummy beer of a husband.

After completing my concerned wife duty I popped outside to take selfies of todays outfit.  An old favourite with a deep burgundy coat dress on top to make it Wintery!!  Lace socket things, favourite Mala and I was done!!  Photos taken with my handbag camera balancing on our garden bin, self timer set, and RUN into position!!

This would be my Angelic look!!
Nailed it!!

Found this on trade me
but no I did not buy it
tempting as it was!

True story!!


Vix said...

Poor TOF back at work minus his teeth. Hope those weeks fly by for both of you.
Love the burgundy layered over the monochrome. xxx

Wee Wendy said...

I love your dress Sue, you always look so chilled and happy! I have a really funny picture in my mind now of your other half all gummy! x

Shawna McComber said...

Bye TOF-so sorry you can't stay longer! And having to work with only six good teeth!
So sorry about the loss of your friend. The older I get the more it seems that any death of someone under 80 is 'too soon'.
Your sons are adorable, and you are gorgeous1 Very angelic! LOVE LOVE LOVE (and want to steal) that outfit-the dress, the coat, the lace socks, the shoes!

Also-Love George Carlin.

peaches mcginty said...

TOF's return flashed by and off he goes again, I hope the time whizzes by and he's back again - I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your friend, 46 is too young isn't it?
Your burgundy coat is awesome and your lace tights, you do well with your timer! mine is 2 or 12 seconds, 12 seconds I get distracted!ps gorgeous pics of you and your boys x x x

Julie said...

Love the last picture Sue - very true I think!!! Also love your outfit for the day. My TOF always says you need anaesthetic for the work at the dentist & then you need another one for the bill they give you!!!! Hope the rest of your week goes well :-)

Angels have Red Hair said...

Still giggling at the last pic ... it's soooooo true :0)
Poor TOF ... but look on the bright side 6 teeth are better than 4.

Goody said...

Can you imagine the hostility you'd get from people if you wore that shirt in public? I could never get away with it where I live.

I am sorry about the death of your friend. As we get older we expect to lose people, but 46 is really far too young.

Next time I need a tooth extraction, I'm getting myself a pitcher of beer. *slaps head* why didn't I think of that last time?

Beth Waltz said...

The lace socklets work so well with that dress pattern -- and, of course, I covet your shoes.

My favorite Carlin quote: "Home is where you stash your stuff while you're out getting more stuff."

Helga said...

O, bugger that TOF is pissing off again. I do hope he at least brings you back pressies!!!
Jaysus, how awful to pop ones clogs at 46. So sad, I do hope the funeral isn't too awful.Ugh, dose of mortality....