Saturday, 12 July 2014

The cold tap in the sky needs a new washer

Someone up there needs to fix the plumbing as it has rained consistently down here all day. We are pretty lucky but up North it has been devastating for some people.  The Winter-less North as it is fondly called has been very very WET!!   

Just look what Karen our weather lady on the Television had to show.

 Paddocks have turned into lakes,
the rain has been relentless up North for days.

TOF is working up there but told me they had some sunshine later on today.

One of the other guys he is working with
was supposed to be coming home for the weekend
but he cannot get back due to flooding and road closures.

Glad TOF made it back last weekend,
and hopefully he will make it back next weekend
for good.

Now the Coromandel/Bay of Plenty area is getting hit
that is where my sister Helen lives.

All this in the school holidays too.
(glad my little munchkins are workers)

I basically stayed indoors
most of the day.

There is only so much
staying indoors I can take.

Cabin fever takes a hold sooner of later! 

After all I need to check the mail box.

Only one letter bill.
But isn't my Pansy brollie gorgeous.

But then there is my
Black ruffle one.

Oh and then there is my
Pretty Pink one!!

Of course there is also my
Polka Dot one!

And good old

Confession time:

I own two more pairs of
as you English call them.


No Animals got Hurt or Wet
in making this post.

They of course were all safely tucked up
inside in front of the heater.

Nothing lasts forever
and it seems the good weather
is on the return
later on in the week.
(thanks Karen, you are a star!) 



Beth Waltz said...

One can envision the expression on ol' Tex's face when you passed through the lounge, dripping...

I do like that pansie brollie! Come spring, I dare you to carry it as a parasol on a Suesday!

Connie said...

An umbrella fashion show. That is a first. Gosh, you have some intense weather in your area. It is character building I'm sure. But just think of all the gorgeous flowers come spring. Yeah, I like the pansy umbrella best. It's the Sueziest!

Vix said...

See, that's one good thing about the rain - you get to show us your fab brolly collection! xxx

Leeanne said...

Gosh you have quite a lovely collection of brolly's my dear! But those gummies are the best!
Aren't we kind to share the rain?

Angels have Red Hair said...

See … you've always got to find a silver lining and you did … when else would you get to show off your fabulous brolly collection. That said I do hope it stops raining soon … day after day after day and the novelty is bound to wear off.

Helga said...

OMG, that black ruffle brolly is HEAVENLY!!!
Gah, constant rain just gets a gal down! We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day yesterday, quite warm and sunny! A miracle!

peaches mcginty said...

I'm glad the rain will be stopping, flaming hell! that Karen is a star sorting it all out haha! your brollies are all gorgeous (of course they are!!! all of your stuff is!)I try not to use them, I'm short and have a fear about poking peoples eyes out or causing damage x x x

Goody said...

That is quite the collection! I can't pick a favourite-I love them all.

Hope it lets up soon-poor weather lady looks about ready to cry in the first set of photos.

Goody said...

Must add,
We were never permitted umbrellas as children, but we had rain hats, coats, etc. I think our parents knew we were the sort of children that would weaponise them. So of course, now I want ever single one I see. For rain, not self-defence.