Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Saturday SuesDay, yes you heard correctly!!

Yesterday I was busy doing things with TOF like taking the little red trailer on its first trip to dump rubbish, chores at home and going out for lunch.  So Sue and I decided we would get together today.  Her hubby was at work and mine had gone fishing, so we made a plan.

She collected me from my house and we headed off to the Gordonton Country Market.  I have been once before, last year so it was time to revisit.  The sun was shining but my god the wind was nippy.  Lots of lovely hand made things, food stalls, plants, and entertainment, it was so nice and very relaxing.

There was a gorgeous up-cycled stall of inspiring goodies on sale, plenty of ideas to use those blanket, sheet and doilie stashes!!  Sue grabbed herself a Cornish Pasty and I tried a Hungarian Pastry, rolled in walnuts and nutmeg, yummmmmm!!!!

I purchased a felt flower ring and this crocheted colourful bird brooch.  The lady that made them both was so sweet and very reasonably priced.  She was telling us about her craft room and her stashes of blankets, sheets and other things we could both relate to.  Like not being able to get in the door of said room!!

We left the market and checked out a garage sale that was on near where the car was parked.  Nothing for me!  Next port of call was 'Grandmothers Garden', a huge patchwork and quilting shop in Gordonton.  Sue was in heaven, me not so much.  I love the colours but I am not a quilter, just a sewer.  We were invited to have a cup of tea and a scone (or two) by the ladies so we accepted.  All beautiful vintage cups and saucers and the best cake stand with delicious scones with jam and whipped cream, all made by the owner of the shop.

On our way back into town we stopped in at Wairere Nursery, a very pretty garden centre run by some very nice people that have pet dogs that roam about, doves, and a flock of chickens and ducks. Oh and lots of fabulous plants for sale, seems only right really!!

I did not walk out empty handed.  I bought this Camellia that is smothered in tiny pink buds and blooms.  So very pretty, thinking I will plant it in a big colourful pot so I can move it around my garden.  Of course I found the one with the most flowers on it, you know that instant garden theory  of mine.  With it safely packed into the back of Sues car we visited another garden centre and then came back to my place.

We sat outside in the sunshine and drank tea!

Sue went home and I hung out more washing.  While at the clothes line I got distracted by things in my garden.  Small Daffodils have started to bloom, my Freesias are in bud, my climber is  climbing, the last of the colourful leaves are hanging on for grim death, and the Fairy door is exposed, maybe there have been visitors?

I wore a full length black coat with a fur collar that I got off trade me the other day, the same as the red one I have and for only $25, bloody good shopping.  There was another one listed for $125, and apparently they are $350 new, so I think I did well.  Under it were layers of things, spotted leggings, long sleeve t shirt, summer dress, then purple top.  I was warm as!!

I sure hope that TOF brings home some lovely fresh fish for our dinner,
wonder what size plate I should leave out?


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Was a lovely morning, I'm all set for planting seeds tomorrow :D Where's yer nearest chippy! ;-D

Leeanne said...

Looks like a fab Suesday!

Wee Wendy said...

Oh how I love your layering, ring and brooch! And I wish we had garden centres like yours, no wandering dogs in this neck of the woods! x

Julie said...

What a fab Suesday :-) Have the Gordonton market on my wish list. Oh yes Grandmothers Garden, just gorgeous to visit & be inspired. And Wairere, they sure do make you laugh there & their plants are so healthy. Your garden is looking very springlike Sue, Hope you got your fresh fish for dinner. Thanks for sharing your day. LOVE the fur coat too.

Beth Waltz said...

The crocheted birdie pin is charming! The camelia is worthy of a prize for potential -- and you win the best value prize for scoring that nice coat! All in all, a splendid day away!

Goody said...

It has been my experience that quilt shop owners/employees are some of the nicest people around. I wonder if it something to do with having a job that makes other people happy?

That is a beautiful coat at any price, but you managed a true score. You do look so good in bright colours, but the black coat suits you as well. Quite elegant. I'm sure you will find the perfect pot for your perfect camellia. Surely spring must be on the way to you.

Angels have Red Hair said...

That tea cosy is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!