Thursday, 7 August 2014

Life is good!

Yesterday, Wednesday, was my last day at work for this week so I have five glorious days off in a row!!  

Oh yeah life is good.

Yesterday was Airport day for me and I used my own car as the boss is away and the idea of driving the work van or truck didn't excite me.  I packed my camera in my car because there were things I wanted to get photos of, and taking them from a sign written car could look dodgy! 

This beautiful boy has been in a paddock with NO TREES or company since the beginning of the year.  Someone else must have been concerned like me as I read an article in our local paper involving the SPCA, apparently his needs are being met. REALLY?? I am pleased to say he has companions, and I think they are ladies, and one is looking rather pregnant!!  Anyway isn't he a sweetie, standing in the rain posing for me as I leaned out my car window. Bless him.

Of course our International Airport is surrounded by farmland so it is only right that the planes fly over grazing cows to the tarmac.  Brilliant timing for me I thought!!  Hamilton Airport is small but it serves the purpose and it is in a pretty scenic part of the Tron.

A barn, a reddish coloured barn to be exact!!

Then there is this lovely couple.
Sheltering from yesterdays rain and looking cosy.

And rather happy,
is that a smile?

All of this made me happy.

I also snuck into a church op shop while I was out
on work time
tsk tsk!

I love this shop, good old fashioned stuff at good old fashioned prices like 50cents each for the dishes, doily and basket, $1 each for the smelly things that you hang in your wardrobe, and $4 for the knitted skirt with pleated hem.  With this stashed in the back seat of my car I toddled on back to work. Job done!

Time to look smug in the garden,
in the sunshine
because my working week is over!

Thats right, my working week is done and dusted!!
Sunshine, Garden Swing, oh yeah!

Even Tex joined in on the celebrations!
Then he walked off
when it all got too much for him!

Bright coloured tunic from trade me, plastic floral bangle from Salvo, shoes from Op Shop a few years back, that really are slightly too big so may have to on sell, but I love them and the frogs on them.


Yes indeed
he arrived home yesterday afternoon.
So him, me and the lads
went out for dinner!

This morning we stayed in bed until 9:00am with hot drinks and the morning newspapers because we could.  The pets joined in on the 'welcome home TOF morning' and then we got up and got on with the day. Forgot to mention that TOF has taken the next couple of days off work so won't be going back until Monday, but the out of town job is FINISHED!! Finally.

Dressed in black, grey, and purple.

We spent the morning out doing chores like grocery shopping and trying to get a warrant on Jaks old car that he is now in the process of selling to his brother Max.  Our mechanic thinks its funny that this car is doing the rounds of our family, it was ours first!

I went out this afternoon to post some things I SOLD on trade me, yes SOLD not bought.  Then I popped in on the SPCA op shop and found a doozie book.

We all know this story!

Don't you love children's books?
I love the colour and wild illustrations.

Wonder if my Jak would like it.
He is an apprentice builder after all.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That Highland bull may 'apparently' being adequately cared for but he's rather tied up with electric tape it looks like! :( Good to hear TOF is home safe and sound! Reading the papers until 9am! Yeah right!! ;)

Vix said...

What a lovely pic of you with the scarecrow behind.
That poor bull, he looks ever so forlorn. At least the sheep are smiling.
Good to hear Tof's back! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, that head-shot of a Very Happy Woman (with scare-crow) is special: may I propose you use it as your blog pix for a time?

It's good to know TOF is home, safe in the fold, surrounded by love, fur and feathers.

pastcaring said...

Life is good! Animals, op shopping, dinner out, and breakfast in bed with TOF (is that a euphemism, Sue???!)
Love the bright colours in that tunic, and the smelly things that go in your wardrobe are called pomanders - I have a mini collection of them! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

TOF's back!!! good news! you can all get back to normal and breathe contentedly again - there has to be perks with a job, has to be! otherwise you make your own, so op-shopping during work time is an unofficial perk! even the bull had some perks at last, poor thing - I love your rosettes on your pants..and your purple shoes..and all your outfits! love the pic of you dancing and the one with the scarecrow too, you are gorgeous! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Welcome home TOF!!!
I was looking at your photos and I thought to myself "awwww look at that a smiling goat" ... but then I started doubting myself ... was that a goat or a sheep ... have I in fact been confusing goats with sheep my entire life?? Do goats and sheep even look alike? Am I losing my mind? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. I think I'll take a bex and lie down.

Leeanne said...

Once again lovely photo's! That big hairy beast is adorable, glad to hear he now has company.
You sure look colourful & snappy!
You must be pleased to have your TOF home!

Goody said...

Oh the memory of reading, The House that Jack Built, over, and over, and over...Don't know why he put the malt in the house in the first place! Tell your Jak not to do that;)

I'm so happy to hear TOF is home and your lives can get back to normal. Have you tries stuffing lamb's wool in the toes of the too-big shoes? It isn't a perfect fix, but sometimes it helps.
LOVE all the colour, especially the purple. Enjoy your time off work.

Raewyn said...

So cool you have an extra-long weekend! Love that Highlander boy, lots of intersting sights on your travels. I do love your last inspiration/quote thingy :-)