Friday, 29 August 2014

Drugs not Hugs!

I have Vicks VapoRub on the souls of my feet, Olbas oil on my hanky, and I am now popping drugs from the Chemist (Night and Day).  

All because I spent my day looking like this.....

Hankies and tissues were my best friends today,
apart from my buddy

We went to the Red Cross Book Fair this morning and had a successful time.  I love Tricia Guild books and at $3 each I swooped them up.  The Carters book is just packed full on interesting info and the midwinter pottery on '60s china is divine.  Then Dear Sue who could see I was fading fast spotted the Ken Follet for me. All the books were $3, except for a corner of collectables and new releases but they weren't to badly priced.  We unloaded our books into the car and then headed back to the $1 room where Sue found some more books.  Magazines were 50c, CDs were $1, and there were DVDs, puzzles, and old records.  I had lost the will so walked out of the dollar room with nothing.

The Monty Python book is brilliant, and even funnier when Sue was reading and singing from it for me back at home.  I love Monty Python and remember watching it on the TV with my dad and us just falling about laughing.  My Monty Python Foot is a key ring, and when you press the toe nails there are classic Monty P one liners, love it (purchased from Trade Me).

We left the book fair and only visited one op shop and that was Habitat were I got a bunch of Bamboo stakes for the garden and these gorgeous Dr Martin Boots.  Neither of us could be arsed with any more shopping so we went to a cafe and had a dirty old feed of fat, as in sausage roll and hot chips etc, with hot drinks and we took a table outside in the sunshine. 

I spent the rest of the day under a blanket snoozing and plan to do pretty much the same all weekend until I have kicked this head cold into touch! Weather forecast is very much indoor weather so I won't feel pissy about not being able to get in my garden.

Have yourselves a doozie of a weekend!!


Beth Waltz said...

Walked out of the dollar room empty-handed?! Good grief, Sue, you're sicker than you realize! Do you have simple saline solution in a pressurized can in NZ? Works for me.

Vix said...

Sleeping that rotten cold off all weekend sounds like a plan, make sure the men of the house wait on you hand and foot.
Great boots. x

Leeanne said...

Boot envy AGAIN!!!! Wrap up warm and stay indoors, get well soon.

Goody said...

A weekend spent sleeping sounds wonderful. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Very nice boots.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I prescribe 48 hours of total bed rest … and loads of spoiling and pampering by the men of the house :0)

Shawna McComber said...

Well you might be snotty and miserable but you look gorgeous with your wave envy hair and your lovely lagenlook outfits! What a great find those boots are! I love a good book sale too but I really need more books about as much as I need a third nostril. I have a good stack of a hundred not yet read.

I hope you get over this cold soon and feel better!