Thursday, 28 August 2014

Still full of snot!

My cold has now broken to a mucus cough and running nose,
too much information??

Sorry but I am seriously over it all.

...I still got up and went to work,
still enjoyed selecting things to wear for the day
and still got out in my garden.

The sun was still shining so cold or no cold
life is good!

So nice and warm that I slipped into a sleeveless frock/top
to encourage summer to arrive.

Forecast for the weekend is rain
so my encouragement went un-noticed!

my working week is over
I have a play date with the Webber Woman.

Red Cross book fair and op shopping is on the itinerary for the day.


Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh dear … lap up those rays while they last … hope you feel better soon :0)

Beth Waltz said...

I do think you were on to a cure with the cheese and onion sandwich, with hot tea...

Do you have a herb patch somewhere in your Eden? Perhaps a nice sage tea (dry the leaves upside down in a paper bag) with honey will improve the shining hour?

Love to see the flock in action!

Fiona said...

Echinacea's what you need, although it's a bit late now, as it's preventative I'm told. I don't get many colds myself, funny really as I'm getting up close and very personal with hundreds of passengers each day and some of them are...yeuch.

Raewyn said...

How being under the weather AND the weather don't slow you down too much - have a fun weekend!

Leeanne said...

holy smoke! no sleeves............mmmm not quite warm enough for that! I need winter for longer thanks! Happy Suesday.

duchess_declutter said...

Love that first outfit Sue! Good layering or that other fancy word.
Hope both the weather and your cold pick up soon. cheers Wendy

Goody said...

We have a cold making the rounds here as well. Tea with honey and lemon seems to soothe, if not cure (if you have lemon balm that might be even better).

I love the top outfit, but the black ruffly one is fab too. Layers, colour, a smashingly beautiful garden-how dare some cold bug give you snot! Hope you have a good weekend, and find some great stuff in the shops.