Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lets play a little game of catch up! Me first.

Sunday was a stay at home kinda day
but I still got productive.

Remember my stash of blankets?
Hang on,
I didn't share those with you
it was
the stash of sheets.

...they're in the middle of being made into a coat!!

Of course I had assistance every step of the way.
Why do pets like to lie on your projects?

I am hoping to top stitch and embellish and be wearing it
by next week, so stay tuned.

I worked Monday as it is accounts time,  and tidy some bits up around the office.  So I am sort of normal this week, well for a few days.  At this rate I will be able to finish for the week tomorrow which means I get a 5 day weekend, yes 5 days in a row!!  Woohoo.  And TOF will be home, life is good.

Monday night I accompanied Jak to Waihi to seal the deal financially on the car he purchased on the weekend. It is a long story but lets just say the OLD couple were very trusting people and all went well.

We stopped for petrol once at Waihi and Jak grabbed us a bag of Pineapple lumps to tie us over until we could get some dinner.  We didn't leave Hamilton until 6:30pm so we were HUNGRY!!

We had one last play with all that lovely jubbly cash before he handed it over.  It smelled really good, it smelled like FUN!!

I got pretty bored waiting in the car
so I made myself some Pineapple Lump teeth
and did a selfie!
Coz that's what you do.
Ok, not everyone would do that,
but bet you laughed!
(I did, and if you cannot take the piss out of yourself
then you cannot take the piss out of others)

The lights on this thing looked amazing
hence the photo
and there just so happened to be
a cool house/church
hard to tell in the dark
but worthy of a snap!

We dined on a feed of dirty old Kentucky Fried Chicken, most of mine ended up out the car window for animals to eat or homeless folk.  I was worried about Jak venturing off and buying a car by himself but I have to say it is a very nice car, and he is quite a good driver, so it was a relaxing trip for me as a passenger.

 Hello Tuesday!!
Day of work and then a very successful session
amongst some of my favourite shops.

The most gorgeous Swan basket $3, Trelise Cooper Bangle $2, sparkly old purse, $5 and the best ever basket $3, yes I lied, my basket collection is not complete. 

I have wanted a bucket bag for ever, probably since my friend Leonie had one years ago and I silently admired it.  Well today I found this brand new one $8. Swimming with the Sharks shoes $8, Bali statues $1 each, bathroom stuff set for $8, and the book was $2.  Dick Frizzell is a famous Kiwi artist and the book is illustrated by him.

Variety of clothes mainly $2.50 each from Hospice Shop in town.
Dress in top left was $6 from Save Mart.

All these $2.50 from Hospice
apart from the shrug for $5 from new second hand
shop in Frankton.
The coloured jeans are brand new Jeans West men ones,
Max has scored one pair and one of Jaks mates has the other.

 3 things I love, Tex, the moon out in the daytime, and Spring flowers.

 Winter Roses, looooooove Winter Roses!!

 Jonquils and Oscar.
One smells better then the other.

 George sung his little heart out in the sunshine
getting high on the scent wafting from the Daphne!

Busted barking for no good reason!

Monkey see, monkey do!!

So what have you all been getting up to???


Beth Waltz said...

Your remark about buying a shower curtain to "line a blanket coat" did not pass unnoticed! Please be sure to take a multitude of "how to" photos, so that we followers can follow.

'Ol Tex is certainly appearing prosperous from his posterior view. Happy cat, that.

Poppy Q said...

Not as many glorious adventures as you Sue, but the sun was shining here in Wellington, so a trip around town for some window shopping, a new shower curtain and fresh hoki and salad for tea, then a bit of mud cake and tv with Poppy.

Julie and Poppy Q

Goody said...

Of course Oscar smells better than Jonquils-I mean, *everyone knows that* :)

I like your bucket bag. I've never had one where the drawstring works well-yours looks to be well made so hopefully that won't be an issue. I laughed so damn hard at the pineapple thingees photo.

5 days off, TOF and a new coat! That's sounding like a good weekend.

Angels have Red Hair said...

You need to make a sheet dress to wear under your blanket coat ... and perhaps you can top it off with a quilted hat ... now that would be super impressive :0)

pastcaring said...

Helga once sent me a packet of Pineapple Lumps - well, I think they were probably supposed to be for the kids, but I scoffed them!
Yes, pets like to "help" with sewing projects, don't they? You did well at the op shops, you found all sorts, and the flowers pics are gorgeous.
What have I been up to? I've been sewing! xxx

Leeanne said...

A fun busy few days. gee I am looking forward to seeing your coat when finished. Glad your son is happy with his new car. Hopefully he keeps it, my son has had soooo many cars in his short driving life he could qualify as a car dealer!
Ok, can you please STOP buying all the good stuff from the Opshops!

Julie said...

Oh I cant wait to see your coat now Sue. Very exciting.
And I'm with Leeanne, can you please stay out of the Oppys & give us a chance!!! Just kidding, love seeing what you purchase. AND I too, love pineapple lumps but I can easily go through a whole bag in one sitting!!!

duchess_declutter said...

You have been busy Sue! I'm loving that shrug. I look like a baglady if I wear one. Looking forward to seeing your coat too. Well done with getting the car sorted. We searched for ages when our son was buying and he ended up buying one (literally) just up the road and it's been great. Never a dull moment! cheers Wendy

Vix said...

The cats love my sewing projects, too. They can't help themselves.
Dying to see the blanket coat when its finished, its one of those projects I've considered but never got round to! xxx

Helga said...

Who KNOWS why pets like to lie on one's projects?! Peeps will get up on the sewing table to do it. Pests!
I'm looking forward to seeing this coat when finished, what a fantabularse idea! And SO snug! Hurry up, Winter will be over soon!
Some amazing scoring at the oppies too! Bloody HELL!
Pineapple lumps rock. XXXXXXXXXXXX

Shawna McComber said...

I think you are the Queen of Op Shopping. What fantastic things you found and OF COURSE your basket collection is not yet complete.

I can't wait to see that blanket coat!

Hooray for TOF coming home! Did you save him any pineapple lumps? Those look darn tasty.